Stalker In The Woods - Act 3 Side Quest

Stalker In The Woods Quest Start

Start Location: Village of Zhidan
Quest Location: Jingyang Woods
Objective: Defeat Bloodfang in the Jingyang Woods

Stalker In The Woods is a Side Quest given to you by Bao Er in the Village of Zhidan (pictured above). For this quest you'll need to hunt down Bloodfang - Tropical Arachnos Warlord, a spider enemy that spawns in one of two different locations in Jingyang Woods. Most commonly he spawns just southeast of the town but sometimes you'll find him further east, just east of the cave in the center of Jingyang Woods.

Defeat Bloodfang and the quest will automatically complete, you won't have to return to Bao Er to turn it in. A picture of Bloodfang can be found below as well as a screenshot of both map locations if you're having trouble locating him.

Bloodfang for Stalker in the woods quest

Tip: You can tell Bloodfang apart from the other spiders because his name will be in purple and he will have a soft white aura glowing around him. All quest enemies in Titan Quest will have this aura around them as well as a purple name.

Stalker In The Woods Map Locations