A Lesson In Despair - Act 3 Side Quest

A Lesson In Despair Quest Start

Start Location: Jingyang Woods
Quest Location: Jingyang Woods
Objective: Defeat the enemies around the man in Jingyang Woods then speak with him

A Lesson in Despair is another one of the really easy side quests which you can complete immediately after starting it. You can find this quest in Jingyang Woods which is the zone northeast of the Village of Zhidan, the same village the Great Wall Portal takes you to.

In the northeastern portion of Jingyang Woods you'll find a man surrounded by Ichtian enemies. Defeat all of the Ichthians then speak with him to being the quest. Speak with him a second time to complete the quest. For assistance finding this location use my map screenshot below.

A Lesson In Despair Map Location