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World of Warcraft Profession Guides

           This page contains a list of each of the Tradeskills available to players in WoW and will give you a guide on the fastest, cheapest and best possible way to raise these Tradeskills. Also, included in each of the guides is the best possible way for you to profit off that Tradeskill and what other Tradeskill pairs well with it. I also include in the guides what each "unique" ability each Tradeskill offers to you. For example, Enchanting is ring enchants, Blacksmithing is extra sockets and Engineering is unique enchants.

           I broke this page up into two different sections, one is for the WoW Primary Profession guides, which each player is allowed to have two of and the second half is for Secondary Professions. Everyone is able to have all of the Secondary Professions aside from Lockpicking which is Rogue specific. To get started click on the Tradeskill below that you would like to know more about.









Horde Herbalism Guide

Alliance Herbalism Guide

Horde Mining Guide

Alliance Mining Guide

Horde Skinning Guide

Alliance Skinning Guide

Secondary Professions Guides


First Aid





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