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Alliance Skinning Guide

This guide will help you get from 1 to 525 Skinning in the easiest and most painless way possible. Also you will want to sell all of the skins you get while leveling your Tradeskill as they will net you a good amount on the Auction House. Especially Rugged Leather, Borean Leather and Knothide Leather. Depending on your server leveling Skinning could net you well over 1k gold!

1 - 60

60 - 110

110 - 150

150 - 185

185 - 200

200 - 265

265 - 300

Grind the Raptors until 300 then head to Outlands.

300 - 315

Grind the boars until you get your Skinning to 315.

315 - 330

Grind the insects here until you reach 330 then head to Nagrand.

330 - 350

Grind the Talbuks and Clefthoofs until 350 and then head to Borean Tundra.

350 - 395

Grind the Rhinos until 395 then head north to Sholazar Basin.

395 - 450

You can grind any number of different animals here until 450.

450 - 525

Grind all the animals here until you reach 525. An alternative area for you to level Skinning would be Mount Hyjal at Setharia's Roost but if you've finished the quests there already then it will be a level 85 daily area.



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