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Luclin Leveling Guide - Paludal Caverns

Paludal Caverns 'Main' Area

Base 1/Base 2 on the map above are the two main camps in Paludal Caverns. They're where you can find the Recondite bandits which are insanely good XP and money for levels 14 - 24


Paludal Caverns - Back end

- If you enter from Shadeweaver's Thicket all of the enemies you find around this entrance area will be easy to solo for those levels 6 - 8.

- Further into the zone you'll find Phlarg Camp and Small Phlarg Camp. This location is great for those who are in a small group or anyone extremely tweaked out levels 8 - 15.

- You can find enough enemies to solo while you're LFG in the zone, just pull some of the Phlargs back to a safer spot if needed


































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