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Velious Leveling Guide - Dragon Necropolis

Dragon Necropolis is an absolutely massive zone with a few different hunting locations depending on what your level range is. Across the entire top floor of Dragon Necropolis you'll find mostly Phase Spider enemies without much else. I strongly recommend you avoid the bone piles across the top floor as they can spawn a pretty tough undead dragon which has high resists and a ton of HP.

The Phase Spider enemies up top drop Phase Spider Carapaces which are a great low level chest slot item for twinks. Additionally if you go far enough east in the zone to where the underground tunnel area starts you'll come across some Chetari as well. These enemies are a bit tougher than the Phase Spiders and I will get to them below.

Before I skip to the underground part of Dragon Necropolis I would like to mention one of the harder nameds that is

In the top half of the zone you'll find Phase Spiders mixed with other baddies. These guys drop Phase Spider Carapaces which are an absolutely fantastic twink item.

The second half of the zone and much harder half is the Chetari tunnels. Down here you'll find an absolute ton of Chetari mobs and it'll be quite tough to tackle without a good group. If you can handle it down here the Chetari are extremely rewarding to hunt XP wise and they also drop a ton of gems which some are used in the Velious Armor Quests and some are straight up vendor trash.




Additional Zone Information

- There is a raid boss in the Chetair tunnels of this zone, Zlandicar.

Pickzone Threshold: 30 Players

Dragon Necropolis Allakhazam Zone Information

Dragon Necropolis P99 Zone Information
































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