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Kunark Leveling Guide - Chardok

Upper Chardok

- This covers the entrance area and all nameds in the upper portion of Chardok

Observer Aq`touz drops Fancy Velvet Mantle which is one of the best shoulders in this era!



Lower Levels of Chardok

- This location will be filled with mostly dark blues at level 60 and they all hit noticeably harder and have noticeably more HP than most dark blues at these levels.

Deathfang - Imperial Wardog Collar

Underboss Myli`ki - Tattered Flesh Veil

Overseer Dal`guul - Iksar Hide Cape

Foreman Mil`lakk - Girdle of Flayed Iksar


Chardok 'Royals'

- These are the hardest camps in all of Chardok, most of them being difficult to tackle with even a full group.

- The only camp that could be argued good for leveling would be Loremaster Piza`tak and the enemies surrounding his room




Additional Zone Information

- This zone gets remade in Empires of Kunark

- Chardok B, the zone connected to this one, isn't available until many expansions after Kunark

Chardok Allakhazam Zone Information

Chardok P99 Zone Information




























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