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Represent Achievement Guide

Represent: Obtain 25 Tabards. This achievement requires you to collect a certain amount of Tabards. When you obtain 1 tabard you will be given an achievement, 10 another achievement and 25 the final achievement. Once you obtain the 25th tabard you will also be given Tabard of the Achiever.

Tabards Acquired From Burning Crusade Reputations

Aldor / Scryer Tabard
Cenarion Expedition Tabard
Consortium Tabard
Honor Hold / Thrallmar Tabard
Keepers of Time Tabard
Kurenai / Maghar Tabard
Lower City Tabard
Ogri'la Tabard
Sha'tar Tabard
Skyguard Tabard
Sporeggar Tabard
Tabard of the Shattered Sun

Tabards Acquired From WoTLK Reputations

Tabard of the Argent Crusade
Tabard of the Ebon Blade
Tabard of the Kirin Tor
Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord


Tabard of Summer Flames / Tabard of Summer Skies - Reward from Shard of Ahune during the Midsummer Festival

Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari / Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari - Reward from Battle of the Crimson Watch

Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade - Drops from the Scarlet Trainee's that run in after you kill Herod in Scarlet Monestary: Armory.

PvP Tabards

Arathor Battle Tabard / Battle Tabard of the Defilers - Exalted with Arathi Basin Faction & Complete the Control Five Bases Quest
Stone Guard's Tabard / Knight's Colors - 20 AB, 20 WSG and 20 AV marks
Warsong Battle Tabard / Silvering Battle Tabard - 60 WSG Marks
Stormpike Battle Tabard / Frostwolf Battle Tabard - 60 AV Marks
Scout's Tabard / Privates Tabard - 3 AB + 3 WSG Marks

Horde and Alliance only Tabards

Blood Knight Tabard - Complete Blood Elf Paladin's Charger quest.
Tabard of the Hand - Complete the Draenei "The Unwritten Prophecy" Quest.

Achievement Rewards

Loremaster's Colors - Complete all Loremaster's achievements.
Tabard of the Achiever - Collect 25 Tabards
Tabard of the Explorer - Explore Northrend

Trading Card Game Tabards

Tabard of Brilliance
Tabard of Flame
Tabard of Frost
Tabard of Fury
Tabard of Nature
Tabard of the Arcane
Tabard of the Defender
Tabard of the Void

No longer Obtainable Tabards

Competitor's Tabard
Contest Winner's Tabard
Tabard of the Argent Dawn - Scourge Invasion Event
Tabard of the Protector





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