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The Kirin Tor

           The Kirin Tor faction is one of the harder ones to raise in Northrend. To raise your Kirin Tor faction you'll want to do the Cooking Dailies in Dalaran as well as the daily heroics. You can also raise it with the Fishing dailies and your Tradeskill dailies (if your tradeskill has a daily). In addition as with most other factions you can also wear the Kirin Tor tabard in the level 80 heroics. For a list of all of the cooking dailies, click here.

           The Kirin Tor's main hub is Dalaran, the main city of Northrend. Their Quartermaster is located in the Violet Citadel in the western portion of Dalaran.

Note: Kirin Tor faction is a good faction for you to raise. When you raise this faction it will also decrease the cost of the rare mounts sold by Mei Francis.







































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