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Wyrmrest Accord

           The Wyrmrest Accord faction is an alliance of the remaining four Dragonflights. The faction is lead by Alexstrasza the Life-Binder. Their main hub is located at the Wyrmrest Temple in central Dragonblight. This faction has a daily here for you to do and a daily at Coldarra, in Borean Tundra. However the daily at Coldarra blows and usually no one ever does it.

           The fastest and easiest way to get reputation with The Wyrmrest Accord is by buying their tabard and running heroics. When you reach exalted with this faction you will be able to buy Reins of the Red Drake, which is a flying mount.

The Wyrmrest Accord Dailies

           Currently there are three daily quests currently in the game for The Wyrmrest Accord faction. Only one however is worth doing. The one that is worth doing can be found at the main hub of the faction in Dragonblight. For this quest you are required to kill 3 Azure Dragons, 6 Azure Drakes and Destabilize the Azure Dragonshrine.

This quest is also involved in an achievement, that is very difficult to get.

           You can accept this quest from Lord Gibberish in Wyrmrest Temple, he is on the second level going up. Once you accept the quest you can find the Wyrmrest Defender on the balcony leading out. You will need to kill 3 Azure Dragons (Big ones) and 6 Azure Drakes (Small ones), pictures of these two are seen below.

           In addition to killing the drakes and dragons you will also need to Destabilize the Azure Dragonshrine. You can find the Azure Dragonshrine southwest of the Wyrmrest Temple. Below is a picture of the dragonshrine, and its location on the map.


           The Achievement for this daily is called Rapid Defense. It requires you to do the daily within 2 minutes, solo. This is a very hard achievement to complete, it will mostly require luck and a good strategy. The strategy most commonly proven to work is to hop on the drake and use sprint and Destabilize the Dragonshrine. After you do that kill any of the Azure Drakes and Dragons that are low on health.





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