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Moonfish Locations 10 - 18

This page covers Skies of Arcadia: Legends Moonfish Locations 10 - 18. The first Moonfish on this page is found in Horteka much like #9 from the previous guide. The rest though are found in many different places from Horteka to Esperanza which is about the 3/4 point of the game. Two Moonfish on this page, #15 and #16 I didn't obtain in this particular order. I was unable to obtain both of these Moonfish until after I completed Yafutoma which is just after Esperanza and the Dark Rift.

The reason I left both of these Moonfish in this order is because every single guide on the Internet says that this is the correct order. I am assuming that they can be obtained early on but I missed the small window that gave me the opportunity to do so.

Using this guide you shouldn't have a problem finding any of the locations! Each Moonfish Location has a picture of exactly where you need to stand to catch it which should simplify everything! If you'd like to return to my index page which has all the Moonfish Locations then follow the link provided.


Horteka - 10th Moonfish

Horteka in route to second moonfishHorteka Tavern on way to second moonfish

This Moonfish is a bit harder to reach than the previous one. What you need to do is head down the pole nearby where you enter the village until you're at the area seen in one of my screen shots. You'll notice another pole to climb up, a slide as well as gondola type thing.

Climb up the long pole and follow the linear path until you eventually come across the tavern. At the top of the tavern you'll find two large pots as well as an outside ledge area with a slide on it that will return you to the part of the town you entered from.

The Moonfish is reached from this platform at the top of the tavern.

Horteka Second Moonfish Place to Stand


Moonstone Mountain - 11th Moonfish

Moonstone Mountain CentimeMoonstone Mountain Moonfish Place to Stand

This Moonfish is a real pain in the butt to find without pictures. The easiest way for you to locate this Moonfish is when traveling through the dungeon for your first time. After you speak to Centime you'll find this Moonfish shortly after riding the elevator up that he fixes. It's on the same platform that has a chest that contains De Loco's Drill.

Those of you who didn't obtain this Moonfish your first time through the dungeon - the best recommendation I can make is for you to use my screen shot above on the left and make your way to that exact location. This dungeon is one massive maze so navigating it isn't really a picnic.


Lost City of Rixis - 12th Moonfish

Rixis Moonfish Place to stand

You will find this Moonfish towards the end of the Lost City of Rixis. While adventuring through this dungeon you'll come across many different moving platforms. In the large room filled with these platforms you'll find the Moonfish at the southeastern portion nearby one of the platforms that takes you back to the start of the area.


Nasrad - 13th Moonfish

Nasrad Moonfish Place to Stand

Another super easy Moonfish to grab! This Moonfish can be found in the docks of Nasrad at the western end. Just before the super long dock that wraps around there'll be a smaller dock with a boat parked at it - the Moonfish is found here.

Note: If you don't collect this Moonfish before Nasrad is destroyed about midway through the game then there will be no larger dock - the Moonfish will be easier to find since its dock will be the western most one.


Daccat's Island - 14th Moonfish

Daccats Island Moonfish Place to Stand

This Moonfish is found on Daccat's Island while you're in control of Vyse and inside the maze. If you didn't get this Moonfish your first time through Daccat's Island (pretty hard to miss) the easiest way to navigate you here is by telling you to find the chest with the Moonberry.

Skies of Arcadia: Legends lets you see what item came out of the chest after it has already been opened so just inspect the chests to find this location... Or make things easier on yourself and just use my screen shot!


Crescent Isle - 15th Moonfish

Crescent Isle Moonfish at Docks Place to Stand

Despite every guide on the internet calling this Moonfish #15, I wasn't able to obtain it until after I beat Yafutoma (which would actually make this Moonfish #26 or so). I didn't change the numbers around in this guide because I am giving every other guide the benefit of the doubt and assuming that I probably missed an opportunity to grab this Moonfish earlier in the game.

The first Moonfish for you to grab on Crescent Isle is right next to the pathway that leads up to the Delphinus. You'll need to stand in the corner of the platform and look up towards the nose of your ship. The Moonfish will be flying around easy for you to grab up here.


Crescent Isle - 16th Moonfish

Crescent Isle Second Moonfish Place to stand

Next up, Moonfish #2 on Crescent Isle is found just outside the meeting room. In order to reach the meeting room you need to take the elevator up which is found on the outside portion of the base. It's just next to one of the two cave entrances that are on this island.

Similarly to the other Moonfish above, I wasn't able to obtain this Moonfish until after having completed Yafutoma and the story events there. You might be able to obtain this Moonfish earlier than that but if you can it's an extremely small window.


Esperanza - 17th Moonfish

Esperanza First Moonfish Place to StandEsperanza Switch to Flip for Lighthouse access

This Moonfish is found inside the lighthouse tower in eastern Esperanza. You can reach this location by pressing the switch that's found in the eastern most building of the town. I'm standing next to this switch in one of the two screen shots above.

Hitting the switch will lower down the ladder which lets you access this light house and grab the Moonfish.



Esperanza - 18th Moonfish

Esperanza Second Moonfish Place to Stand

Esperanza's second Moonfish is really easy to grab. He's found in the northern most portion of the town by the Nasrad Item Vendor. The closer you get to the helm of the wooden ship wreckage the louder the beeping will be on your Moonfish finder.


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