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Moonfish Locations 1 - 9

This page covers Skies of Arcadia: Legends Moonfish Locations 1 - 9. The Moonfish on this page are found in the first few portions of the game ranging from Sailor's Island to Horteka and are actually some of the more difficult ones for you to find.

Using this guide though - you shouldn't have a problem! Each Moonfish Location has a picture of exactly where you need to stand to catch it which should simplify everything! If you'd like to return to my index page which has all the Moonfish Locations then follow the link provided.


Sailor's Island - 1st Moonfish

Sailors Island Moonfish by Pollys

The first Moonfish for you to collect in the game is found on Sailor's Island just next to Polly's Tavern. After you enter Sailor's Island the building to your left is Polly's Tavern. You'll want to position yourself on the patch of grass between her tavern and the edge of the island and look up.

If you need help finding the exact location to stand use the screen shot that I have provided above. All my screen shots in the Moon Fish guide show you exactly where to stand to catch it. Cross reference my location & the location on my mini map with your own game.


Sailor's Island - 2nd Moonfish

Sailors Island Moonfish by Inn

The second Moonfish on Sailor's Isle is found off the second floor of the Inn. The Inn is the building closest to the lighthouse, head over to it and go up to the second floor balcony. You'll hear much louder beeping up here letting you know you're close. Stand where I am standing in my screen shot and look up!


Pirate Isle - 3rd Moonfish

Pirate Isle Moonfish at Lookout place to stand

This Moonfish is found on the Lookout of Pirate Isle; it's the small island at the top of the town which can only be reached from taking the obnoxiously long ladder. On the lookout stand next to the chest as shown in my screen shot and you'll hear the beeping for the Moonfish.


Pirate Isle - 4th Moonfish

Pirate Isle Moonfish in Hideout Place to stand

You can find this Moonfish on the bottom level of Dyne's Base (the port of Pirate Isle) - it's nearby one of the first areas we ran around in the game. Down on the same bottom level that the boat is docked on you'll find the Moonfish to the north.


Maramba - 5th Moonfish

Maramba First Moonfish Place to Stand

The fifth Moonfish in the game is found on the docks of Maramba which is one of the first desert towns you come across in the game. Once you arrive in the port head on up to the northern most port which is where you'll find the Moonfish on the northern end.


Maramba - 6th Moonfish

Maramba Second Moonfish Dhabu TrainerMaramba Second Moonfish place to stand

For the sixth Moonfish, also located in Maramba, you'll need to ride one of the Dhabu creatures to a building in the northern part of town. You can get a Dhabu from the NPC in the southern part of the top portion of Maramba. Use the screen shot on the left if you're confused and need guidance finding the NPC that lets you ride the Dhabu.

Once ontop the Dhabu you'll want to travel to the building that's shown in my screen shot on the right. This is the building where you'll be able to capture the Moonfish from.


Temple of Pyrynn - 7th Moonfish

Temple of Pyrynn Doorway to Moonfish off Boulder PuzzleTemple of Pyrynn First Moonfish Place to Stand

This is the first of the harder Moonfish to find in Skies of Arcadia: Legends. You'll first hear the beeping early on in the dungeon but you can't get it at that time; instead head a little further in until you reach the part of the dungeon where boulders are falling down and you must quickly run down the hallway to avoid them.

In this hallway you'll find a doorway to the right, shown in my screen shot. Follow the path until you're back in the room with the Moonfish and you'll be able to capture it while on this ledge.


Temple of Pyrynn - 8th Moonfish

Temple of Pyrynn Second Moonfish switch to dump waterTemple of Pyrynn Second Moonfish place to stand

You'll find this Moonfish at the end of the dungeon just before the boss Rokwyrm. After you solve the final red and blue boulder rolling puzzle and fill the room with lava you'll want to hit the switch to dump water all over it. You'll then be able to stand in the location we need to reach this Moonfish.


Horteka - 9th Moonfish

Horteka first Moonfish Place to Stand

The first Moonfish in Horteka is found on a raised platform behind the Elder's house. You'll have to venture around Horteka a bit and do some exploring before you stumble across this area - it's easy to recognize though as it has a large cliff along the southern end.

After you catch the Moonfish that's along side the cliff edge make sure you also talk to the hunter Tikatika and grab the nearby chest.


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