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Moonfish Locations 19 - 24

This page covers Skies of Arcadia: Legends Moonfish Locations 19 - 24. When I played through the game I actually found the Moonfish in a different order than shown in this guide. Shortly after Mount Kazai I went back to Crescent Isle and found Moonfish #15 and #16 which are mentioned in the previous guide.

I believe I missed a small window of opportunity that would have let me obtain the Moonfish prior to passing through the Dark Rift which is why I didn't touch their order in the guide itself. Depending on how you go through the game, you might end up in the same shoes as me though!

Each Moonfish Location has a picture of exactly where you need to stand to catch it which should simplify everything! If you'd like to return to my index page which has all the Moonfish Locations then follow the link provided.


Yafutoma - 19th Moonfish

Yafutoma Moonfish Place to Stand

You'll find this Moonfish just outside of the building that houses the king of Yafutoma. If you start in the King's building, exit and go to the right you'll find the place to stand for this Moonfish along the red bridge. Take a look at my screen shot above if you need additional guidance.


Mount Kazai - 20th Moonfish

Mount Kazai Moonfish Location

You'll be able to acquire this Moonfish towards the end of the dungeon that takes place in Mount Kazai. Shortly after arriving in Mount Kazai you'll hear this Moonfish in the main room of the dungeon but you'll be unable to reach it. What you need to do first is fill up the entire main room with water so that you can walk up to the ledge in the center of the room and put on your underwater suit and jump down.

After you jump down into the watery abyss you'll want to travel through the only open doorway. This will place you in a cavernous room with a rope to your right going up. Climb this rope to reach the platform that is closest to the Moonfish we saw earlier.

Note: You won't be able to zoom in while standing on the platform that takes you back to the area we came in at. Just before you step on the platform when you hear the Moonfish is where you'll need to zoom in and catch it.


Tenkou Island - 21st Moonfish

Tenkou Island Moonfish Location

You'll find this Moonfish at the top of Tenkou Island - the same location that you met Diago for the very first time. In the open area in front of the temple (shown in the screen shot above) you'll want to head up the stairs and to the left until you reach the corner of the balcony. This is the location shown in my screen shot above and the same location that you'll need to stand to discover the Moonfish.


Glacia - 22nd Moonfish

Ruins of Ice Moonfish Place to StandGlacia Lower Sky Entrance for Moonfish

This Moonfish isn't found in the first part of Glacia that you come across. When you first enter this dungeon from Mid Sky you will not be able to obtain this Moonfish. It isn't until after you upgrade the Delphinus so that you can fly in Upper/Lower Sky will you be able to grab this Moonfish.

Really, how Glacia works is simple. There is a part of it that you can enter from The Lands of Ice in Mid Sky and a portion that you can enter from Lower Sky, just below the entrance in Mid Sky. The entrance in Lower Sky is shown in my screen shot of Glacia above.


Dangral Island - 23rd Moonfish

Dangral Island First Moonfish Location

This Moonfish is obtained from Dangral Island which is found northeast of Sailor's Island in Lower Sky. Right when you enter Dangral Island you'll want to run to the southeastern portion of the area which is where you will find this Moonfish at.


Dangral Island - 24th Moonfish

Dangral Island Docking Bay Second Moonfish

For the 24th and final Moonfish for you to collect you'll need to visit the place where the Chamelon was once docked (or is docked if you haven't defeated De Loco yet). On the same side of the dock that you investigate the Ship Plans on you'll find the final Moonfish far at the end and to the right.

Normally he's flying around the helm of De Loco's ship, however, if you've already defeated De Loco the Moonfish will just be roaming around out in the open.














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