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Final Preparations - Novigrad

Final Preparations Quest Start

This quest automatically begins after you complete the Bald Mountain Story Quest. Much like the Ugly Baby Story Quest, this quest is basically just an umbrella quest. You'll need to complete a bunch of mini quests for each of the four people you have to speak to, then you'll be able to advance the main story again.

It doesn't matter what order you do all of the quests in, when you've concluded with all of them there will be a scene at the Rosemary and Thyme after which Final Preparations will be complete. Below are each of the quests you'll have to complete and which person gives it to you.

Ciri - Payback
Triss - Blindingly Obvious
Yennefer - The Great Escape
Avallac'h - Through Time and Space

**Important** During the Blindingly Obvious Quest you'll have the opportunity to get the Reason of State Side Quest which is one of the few side quests that alters the ending of the game. If you plan to complete this quest then I recommend you read about it before starting Blindingly Obvious

Note: Dijkstra will be unavaiable for Gwent: Big City Players althroughout this quest until you complete the Blindingly Obvious Quest

Once you have completed all four of the above mentioned quests (or at least Payback, the one with Ciri) you'll have one more task in Final Preparations, meet Ciri, Yennefer and the Lodge of Sorceresses at the Rosemary and Thyme. Upstairs you'll find Ciri, speak with her to continue the quest and this is where you'll have an extremely important dialogue choice to make.

Final Preparations Important Dialogue Choice

During the conversation shown above when you have the opportunity to either accompany Ciri into the room with Philipa and Margarita or tell her she'll do fine on her own... Make sure you pick option #2, that will give you a more positive effect on the game's ending because it'll make Ciri confident she can handle herself. Accompany her and you'll undermine her confidence.

Regardless of your choice the quest will conclude after Ciri has her conversation with the two mages. However there will be one scene of dialogue left which is optional. If you completed Yennefer's story line and told her you loved her at the end of The Last Wish as well as Triss' story line, Now or Never and you told her you loved her too.. That's the conditions required for this dialogue to occur.

Triss and Yennefer will approach you and suggest they share you this evening, if you agree to this proposition then it'll begin the quest It Takes Three to Tango. This side quest can only be completed right now and until you complete it Final Preparations won't end.



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