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Where the Cat and Wolf Play - Velen

Where the cat and wolf play

Area: Velen
Location: Honorton
Quest Giver: Automatically accepted after Contract: The Beast of Honorton
Other Requirements:Free DLC released on July 3rd 2015

This quest automatically begins after defeating the Ghouls and Alghoul enemies in Honorton and completing Contract: The Beast of Honorton. Once you receive this quest it's likely that you will have to complete it before you're able to leave the area or it will automatically fail.

For this quest you will need to go from building to building investigating what happened in Honorton. Each building that you investigate will typically cause more Alghouls to run into town and attack you - so be prepared to fight many of them.

The most important building for you to examine in town is one of the northwestern most ones with a dead dog out front. Upon examining the body in this house you'll trigger a scene with Milli, a little girl who runs off and drops her doll while doing so. Pick up the doll which is just outfront and follow the foot prints to Millie who is just a tad bit south of Honorton behind a large tree.

You can give her the Doll you found or use Axii on her to calm her down, the choice is up to you. Millie tells you everything that happened, revealing that it was another Witcher that killed everyone in this village. She'll update your quest and send you to a new location where you'll have to follow some foot prints to find the Witcher she talked about.

Gaetan where the cat and wolf play

Upon discovering Gaetan you'll have two choices, fight him or listen to his side of the story. I strongly recommend you listen to his side of the story and let him live as it will open up another quest called Take What You Want. Additionally, Gaetan really didn't do anything wrong if you ask me, Geralt would have done the same in his situation.

If you decide to fight Gaetan it'll be a pretty tough fight, he'll ask you at the start of the fight if he can heal up to make it more fair and if you agree he'll surprise attack you. Aside from this the fight with him is about what you'd expect from another Witcher. He'll use Quen as a Sign most of the time and his sword skills are as good as the best Bandit's you've faught.

After hearing the full story from Gaetan or defeating him, return to Milli and you'll have a brief cutscene of you taking her to Oreton. Dropping the kid off at Oreton completes the quest.










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