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Take What You Want - Velen

take what you want quest start

Area: Velen
Location: Honorton
Quest Giver: Gaetan
Other Requirements: Free DLC released on July 3rd 2015; Spare Gaetan during Where the Cat and Wolf Play

This quest is automatically given to you if you spare Gaetan during the quest Where the Cat and Wolf Play. During your dialogue with him at the end of the quest you'll be given the option of fighting him or sparing his life, choosing to spare him will give you this quest. It's the second quest in a chain that begins with Contract: The Beast of Honorton.

All you have to do for this quest is to go to the location that is marked on your map. There will be some bandits here (pictured below) that you will have to fight. Once they're taken care of go down into the small hole and raid Gaetan's stash. In addition to the loot there is also a wall of Gaetan's Trophies that you can admire as well.

Take what you want bandits







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