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Contract: The Beast of Honorton - Velen

Oreton Notice Board

Area: Velen
Location: Oreton
Quest Giver: Oreton Notice Board
Other Requirements: Free DLC released on July 3rd 2015

This quest can be started one of three different ways, the two most common ways are by accepting it from the Oreton or the Crow's Perch Notice Board. Alternatively you could also just show up in Honorton to start this quest, it'll be added to your journal when you enter the area if you don't already have it.

When you're ready to complete this quest head east of Claywich or West of Boatmakers' Hut to reach the deserted village of Honorton. There will be a group of Ghouls and an Alghoul here when you arrive that you will have to defeat (pictured below). Taking out these monsters will complete the quest and unlock a follow up quest, Where the Cat and Wolf Play.


Alghouls at Honorton









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