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Contract: Skellige's Most Wanted - Skellige

Skelliges most wanted quest start

Area: Skellige
Location: Fyresdal
Quest Giver: Fyresdal Notice Board/Skelliger
Other Requirements: The free DLC patch released on June 24th 2015 contains this quest

You can begin this quest one of two ways, either by collecting the Notice from one of the nearby Notice Boards (specifically the Fyresdal one) or by speaking with the Skelliger shown in my screen shot above directly. The Contract Issuer for the Contract: Dragon quest is right next to this guy so it's likely you'll run into this quest.

Note: If you haggle with the man who gives this quest he will outright accept the highest price you haggle him for.

For the first part of this quest you will need to travel to the attack site (marked on your map) and investigate the area. At the area you'll find a cart and corpses of a man and horse. Upon investigating them you'll trigger a short scene where a boulder is hurled down off the mountain at you - this will update your quest and give you a new location to check out.

Atop the mountain you'll find Nekkar foot prints near the spot where the boulder was resting. You'll want to follow these foot prints a bit south until you come across the cave entrance that they lead to (pictured below). When you enter this cave the door will collapse behind you, trapping you inside.

Skelliges Most Wanted CaveSix Endrega Workers Fight

Not too far inside of the cave you'll drop down into a room where you'll have to fight off three waves of enemies. The first wave will be two Endregas, the second wave is 6 Endrega Workers and the final wave will be an arachnas. Once everything is defeated continue a bit deeper into the cave, follow the foot prints if you need help navigating.

You will come across a hallowed out Nekkar foot that was used as a boot just before finding a room with some Nekkar corpses as well a... drawings. There will be a short scene where Geralt goes over these pictures, basically someone drew up an elaborate plan to try to kill us first with the boulder then with the bugs. During the cutscene Geralt will also discover where the monsters plan to meet up tonight - it'll be marked on your map to the northeast.

If it's earlier then 8pm you'll need to Meditate in order to get the monsters to show up here. Once they show up there will be a scene, during which you'll be given the option of fighting them or reasoning with them. Tip: I strongly recommend not fighting them if you can as the Troll and Doppler will not drop any loot - which means you only get a Werewolf Mutagen.

Tell them you helped monsters

Choosing any option but the first one when presented with the options above will result in a fight. In order to convince the monsters that you're not a threat to them you'll need to prove that you've helped other monsters in the past. There are 7 different opportunities that count towards helping monsters - all of them are listed below.

- Lifted Morkvarg's curse and spared him during the In Wolf's Clothing Quest
- Let Sarah Stay in Novigrad during Novigrad Dreaming Quest
- Spare the trolls at Kaer Morhen during The Final Trial Quest
- Spare Wham-a-Wham during the Contract: Missing Miners Quest
- Spare Imp during the Contract: An Elusive Thief Quest
- Spare All God during the A Greedy God Quest (mislabeled as I helped Fugas)
- Spare Salma during the Contract: Deadly Delights Quest

If you haven't helped enough monsters then you'll have to fight the Rock Troll, Werewolf and Doppler all at the same time. Additionally, the godling will run off and you'll only get half the reward for completing this quest. If you have helped enough monsters then you'll only have to fight the Werewolf. Blinded by rage he attacks you no matter what.








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