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Contract: Dragon - Skellige

Contract Dragon Quest Start

Area: Skellige
Location: Fyresdal
Quest Giver: Fyresdal Notice Board or Vagn
Other Requirements: N/A

You can begin this quest one of two ways, the first is by visiting the Notice Board in Fyresdal. One of the contracts on the board will have this quest for you. Alternatively, you can speak with Vagn to begin this quest as well. You'll find the contract issuer for Contract: Skellige's Most Wanted right next to Vagn if you're interested as well.

First thing you will need to do for this quest is speak with Vagn in the town of Fyresdal. After speaking with him you'll have to go a few houses over and speak to the victim's mother then examine the two bodies to update the quest further. Next stop is the location of the attack, examine the cow corpse and the cow blood on the rock which you'll then need to track to the north.

There is a small wooden tower up north with a forktail nest on it, once Geralt discovers it he'll mention needing bait - so return to Vagn for another conversation. He'll give you a sheep to use as bait, to get the sheep to follow you use Axii on it, then just slowly make your way back to the tower.

Forktail Boss Fight

The fight with this Forktail is much like the fight with all other winged creatures. Get in a few hits in between each of your dodges and avoid its tail/claws. Use your Crossbow or Aard to bring it down from the air when it sweeps in to attack. Once you defeat it return to town for your reward but don't tell Vagn that it wasn't a dragon or he will cut your reward in half.

Forktail Weaknesses: Golden Oriole (Potion), Grapeshot (Bomb), Draconid Oil, Aard









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