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High Stakes - Novigrad

high stakes quest start

Area: Novigrad
Location: Novigrad
Quest Giver: Novigrad Notice Boards
Other Requirements: N/A

You'll typically begin this quest by visiting any of the Notice Boards in Novigrad, there will be a notice about a High Stakes Gwent Tournament that begins this quest. Head over to the northern portion of Novigrad where all of the rich people live and into the Passiflora bar/brothel.

In the basement of this brothel you'll find a Scribe (pictured above) who will start this quest when you speak with him. To enter this quest you'll need to have a strong Gwent deck - if you have too weak of a deck then your quest will update with a new task, "Strengthen your Gwent collection by winning powerful cards off opponents" which means you have to complete at least some of the other Gwent Quests first.

All of the Gwent quests that you can find throughout the game are listed below. You'll have to complete the majority of them in order to have a strong enough deck for this quest.

Important: Before you enter the Gwent Tournament make sure you're ready to complete it in a sitting. If you start it then leave the Passiflora the quest will fail.

Gwent: Velen Players
Gwent: Playing Innkeeps
Gwent: Big City Players
Gwent: Skellige Style
Gwent: Old Pals

Bernard Tutle MatchSasha Proposition

Once you're ready to begin the Gwent Tournament, pay the scribe in the Passiflora and you'll be thrown into dialogue with Sasha shortly after. You are able to romance her during this quest if you agree to her proposition - more on that when it comes up later. For now, the first thing you will have to do is speak with three of the other contestants before the matches begin then play against Bernard Tulle (pictured above).

Tip: Save frequently throughout this quest incase you lose a round of Gwent. That way you can just reload you save and replay the same person again.

After beating Bernard, Sasha will approach you and tell you to meet her upstairs to hear out her proposition (pictured above as well). Agree to this proposition of hers if you wish to romance her. When you go back inside you'll discover that your next opponent is actually her. Defeat her and your next opponent will be Finneas; upon defeating him a fist fight will break out - punch Finneas' face in to continue the quest.

Finneas Fist Fight

Last but not least your opponent will be Count Tybalt himself. Beat him to complete the Gwent portion of this quest - however there is still a little bit left. Once you defeat Count Tybalt there will be a scene in which you learn that someone stole all of the prize money and it wasn't Sasha. She approaches you during these scene and offers to work with you to find the real culprit. Agree to this with Sasha (pictured below) to continue the quest.

For those of you interested, here is a list of each opponent and the card you will win for defeating them.

Key: Opponent - Card you win
Bernard Tutle - Foltest
Sasha - Emhyr Var Emreis
Finneas - Francesca Findabair
Count Tybalt - Eredin Breacc Glas

Agree to help sasha

Once you agree to help Sasha she will talk to the guard on your behalf and have him lead you upstairs. Here you'll want to investigate the body in the room and the mark before the door leading to the balcony. On the Balcony you will find an arrow shot into one of the posts with a rope wrapped around it (pictured below).

Finding all three of these things will update your quest. Head outside afterwards and inspect the rope wrapped around the pillar to continue with your quest. Here Geralt will pick up a smell which you're going to want to follow past the Passiflora and to the road where it stops at a crate.

High Stakes Arrow in post

Upon inspecting the crate Sarah will recognize the symbol and tell you to meet her outside of the warehouse it belongs to. Your quest will update and the new location you have to visit will be marked on your map. Once here speak with Sasha to update your quest and learn that the door is locked.

To get into the warehouse you'll want to head around back where you'll find a platform you can jump to (pictured below). You can either jump across the road from where I am standing or climb up onto the boxes next to the platform. From here, head inside to update your quest.

Jump into Warehouse

You will find a group of bandits speaking with Bernard when you arrive, they will grab ahold of Sasha and threaten you. Take out your sword and slice them all to bits for another scene with Sasha, you're invited to dinner! Accept her invitation if you wish to romance her, either way the quest completes here.

You'll wake up and Sasha will be gone, however there is a note that's left for you on the pillow. It reads as follows...

Letter from Cantarella










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