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How to create a Mature Cheese

Mature Cheese is one of the easiest to make ingredients used in creating Misty Thicket Picnics. All of the items required to make Mature Cheese are purchased from a vendor, depending on what expansion you're reading this during determines exactly what vendor that is.

If Plane of Knowledge is out on your server then you'll want to visit Culkin Ironstove, Chef Denrun (CoTF expansion) or Vuli Ironstove. Those of you who are reading this during Classic or an expansion prior to Planes of Power will find that the best place to but Rennet is from Umenon Clotius in East Freeport. You should be familiar with where this guy is by now, he's got tons of Baking Supplies you can't get elsewhere.


Mature Cheese (Trivial 84)

Once you've gathered together all of the required ingredients combine them in a Mixing Bowl.

2 Bottle of Milk

1 Dairy Spoon

1 Rennet