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How to create a Dairy Spoon

Dairy Spoons are used in many different Baking recipes, mostly those that involve Eggs or some sort of Dairy product (go figure). You can make a Dairy Spoon through a simple Smithing recipe that requires one other subcombine with all vendor bought reagents.


Dairy Spoon (Trivial 74)

Once you have all of the ingredients together combine them into a Forge to create a Dairy Spoon.

2 Metal Bits

1 Scaler Mold

1 Water Flask


In an effort to save you some time and a few clicks, below you can find the recipe for the subcombine that's used to create a Dairy Spoon.


Metal Bits (Trivial 18)

You'll want to purchase both of these items from a Smithing Supplies vendor and combine them in a Forge.

1 Water Flask

2 Small Piece of Ore