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How to create a Marmalade Sandwich

Marmalade Sandwichs are one of the easier ingredients used in creating Misty Thicket Picnics, one of the best stat foods early on in the game. The only item that you need to make the Marmalade Sandwich that isn't purchased from a vendor is Fruit. In order for you to get your hands on some Fruit you'll need to Forage it yourself or ask someone who does Forage to lend you a hand and sell you some Fruit.

Fruit is one of the most commonly foraged items throughout the game - if you Forage a lot you're bound to get your hands on more Fruit than you even will know what to do with. If you'd like to learn more about Fruit and the other Foraged Items head over to my Commonly Foraged Items Page.



Marmalade Sandwich (Trivial 99)

Once you have the ingredients that you need to make a Marmalade Sandwich you'll want to combine them together in a Mixing Bowl.

Apricot Marmalade1 Apricot Marmalade

1 Loaf of Bread


You only have to do a single subcombine for the Marmalade Sandwich, creating the Apricot Marmalade. A list of ingredients that you need for the Apricot Marmalade can be found below in an effort to save you some time clicking around to different pages.


Apricot MarmaladeApricot Marmalade (Trivial 99)

Once you've collected the ingredients that you need to make the Apricot Marmalade you'll want to place them all in an Oven or a Spit to combine them.

3 Frosting

1 Fruit