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Aid Fimli (Plane of Knowledge)

This quest requires you to kill enemies in Plane of Innovation for Silicorrosive Grease and Bundle of Super Conductive Wires, War Boars in Plane of Tactics (Drunder, Fortress of Zek) for Gold tipped boar horn and fire/lightning giants in Bastion of Thunder for a Shard of Pure Energy.

You can purchase the Silicorrosive Grease, Gold Tipped Boar Horn and Shard of Pure Energy from The Bazaar, other players or you can also even check different vendors in the Plane of Tranquility/Plane of Knowledge to see if anyone has sold some to them. The only item you actually have to farm is the Bundle of Super Conductive Wires which is a No Drop item from Plane of Innovation.

For more information on Plane of Innovation and farming the two items from the zone I recommend you read my PoI Leveling Guide. It should answer any questions you have about this zone.

Those of you unfamiliar with the Plane of Tactics or Bastion of Thunder zones might want to check out my Bastion of Thunder Leveling Guide and my Plane of Tactics Leveling Guide. The "fire" side of Bastion of Thunder is where you need to hunt for the Shard of Pure Energy and "The Field" is where you'll want to hunt for the Gold tipped boar horn in PoTactics.

Shard of Pure Energy is an uncommon item and you have a greater chance of finding it drop off one of the named Fire Giants in Bastion of Thunder than you do the regular enemies. It does however drop off even the easiest of the Fire guys. You can very easily solo this part, it'll just be a bit more time consuming if you're unlucky. Use my map on the Bot Leveling guide to locate the fire area if you're unsure of where it is, look for enemies with the "brann" prefix. A brann militis, A brann stav etc etc.

Gold Tipped Boar Horn is found off a war boar in the field area of Plane of Tactics. If you run straight from where you zone in; the huge pit that looks like one giant gladiator pit is where you'll find these enemies in PoTactics. It's safest around the edges - if you levitate down and run to an edge you won't agro anything. The horn isn't all that uncommong and it's not too difficult to pull single enemies here. This zone is a bit more challenging than all the previous ones required for this quest though.

Once you've obtained all of the items you need we'll need to take them to Sanfyrd Featherhead in Ak'anon (Gnome's home town). He is found in the northern portion of Akanon close to the Necromancer Guild. For those having any trouble finding him, just use my map location below.

Exchange all four items with him and he'll return the Note to Fimli to you. This is the item that you're going to want to return to Aid Fimli in Plane of Knowledge for your reward.


The reward for this quest is a Cloak of Lesser Pernicity which you can find the stats of just below. This item is tradeable on all servers which means you could complete this quest for no other reason than to sell the cloak. It doesn't have a recommended/required level on it which makes it a great twink item!