Wizard Level 85 Heroic Kissassist INI File

This is an INI that's made for a level 85 Wizard Heroic Character and should work on both live and TLP servers. There may be a few abilities that have been renamed since this INI was made and Kissassist may have been updated a few times since I published this INI but it'll still do the job.

If an ability doesn't work you might have to edit the INI yourself and rename it or change it/remove it. Those of you who'd like to return to my Kissassist INI Files for Wizards follow the link provided.

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2. Focus Effects & How important they are
3. Heroic Stats - which ones are worth getting and what do they do?
4. Spell Damage & why it's not worth focusing on
5 . Quests that give permanent stat increases & other boosts
6 . Clickies that are worth collecting






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