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Getting Started with Boxing In Everquest

So you're thinking about taking on the challenge of boxing in Everquest are you? Well look no further, I've created this guide just for you! I'm a huge advocate of boxing in Everquest - I personally feel that this is by far the best way to enjoy the game.

Before I get started with breaking down how to box and loading you up with a bunch of information about it, I feel the need to put in a little bit of a disclaimer in this guide first. Many fellow Everquesters have an extremely negative view towards boxers especially boxers who use Macroquest2.

Is Macroquest 2 legal? While it isn't against the rules to use MQ2 (unless on True Box) it's against the rules to play unattended in any form by using automation or to use any aspect of any program that lets you "hack" the game to do unintended things (like warping, ghost killing or anything of that nature). Leaving your characters logged on and farming mobs while you aren't at the computer and playing or using a program that clicks the mouse repeatedly to raise a skill or Forage in some zone could potentially get you suspended from the game for unattended play. Regardless of what program you use, you need to be responsible with how you use it. If you break the ToS of the game, you're going to get suspended (or worse) banned.

Important Note: The version of Mq2 that uses (the one I support/use) does NOT include any active hacks that allow you to do things that aren't intended. I do not support nor condone any software or programs that let you "hack" Everquest or break the Terms of Service. These boxing guides do not promote or contain any information about how to setup, use, or where to find any of the illegal programs or plugins that break the ToS set out by Daybreak/Darkpaw Games.

Now you just have to decide how you want to box. You can stick to what's available to you in Everquest without any Third Party Software or you can find some software to help you box such as Isboxer or Mq2.

Keep in mind that if you are playing on a TRUE BOX server - using any Third Party Software to box is against the rules and could/most likely will result in you being banned/suspended from the game. Those of you on a TRUE BOX server still looking to box though can learn a thing or two from this guide; just exclusively use my Boxing Tips for people without Third Party Software.



Everquest No Third Party Software Boxing Guides

These guides contain useful information for everyone but are mostly geared towards players looking to box on TRUE BOX or on Live servers without any Third Party Software. I highly recommend you read the guides in order if you're just getting started.

1. Setting up Ingame Macros/Socials (Basic)
- Macros & Socials Guide (Advanced)

2. A list of many ingame /commands you can use in Macros

3. What you need to know about Boxing & choosing your Classes

4. How to Alt Tab Box in Everquest (Also works for TRUE BOX Servers)
- How to Alt Tab Box in Everquest (Learning how to play)

5. Almar's Everquest Ingame Macros (The Macros I use to box)


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The Programs mentioned in the guides below could get you suspended on True Box - Do Not use them there!!
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Everquest Isboxer Guides

These guides are the bread and butter of my boxing guides. I break down how to set up Key Maps in Isboxer, what key maps are/what key broadcasting is... How to setup your ingame EQ interface to box like I do and give you dozens of tips on different Macros to make ingame to help you box. I recommend you read these guides in order if you're just getting started with boxing. It's all a lot to take in at first.

1. How to setup Key Maps (Basic)
- Learning Key Maps (Advanced)
- Troubleshooting Key Maps 1
- Troubleshooting Key Maps 2

2. Your first steps as a 6 boxer
Setting up Isboxer Keymaps & Ingame Keybinds

3. Learning to stand on your own as a 6 Boxer
Setting up your ingame Macros & Controlling your characters

4. Setting up your Interface (Advanced)
Practical Advice and more practicing.

5. Going Super Saiyan
The rest of my Macros & everything else you need to know about Boxing & EQ

Almar's Interface & List of Macros
This one isn't really a guide per say but if you want to see how I play & have me break it down macro by macro this is your guide!


Everquest Macroquest 2 and Isboxer Guides

These guides are going to combine both the power of Macroquest 2 and Isboxer and teach you the absolute best way (imo) to play Everquest. MQ2 has gotten a lot of crap in the past and it still does have a taboo surrounding it but the truth of the matter is, the program is allowed. The evidence I have for this is I have made these guides and went public with them months ago... I'm still here.

Don't let other people's opinion stop you from enriching your Everquest experience. Do you want to be the person that says "Man, I should have started using that years ago" once basically the whole game is using this amazing tool? I certainly don't which is why I've written these guides! Start with Guide 1 to learn more about Mq2 and why you should use it too.

Almar's Interface & List of Macros
This isn't so much a guide but a great source of information to cross reference.

Almar's Kissassist INI Files

1. What's so Good About Macroquest 2?
- Is Macroquest 2 right for you?

2. Getting Started: Boxing with Macroquest 2
- MacroQuest 2 Useful Features Noobs Might Not Know About

3. Learning Kissassist (Part 1)
- Learning Kissassist (Part 2)
- Learning Kissasist (Part 3)
- Learning Kissassist (Part 4)

4. Setting Up Your Interface

5. Learning How to Play

6. Setting Up Your Interface (Advanced)

7. Learning How to Play (With Some Basic Macro Coding)

8. Kissassist Conditions & Holyshits


Random Guides Everquest Boxers Would Find Useful

I link to these guides occasionally/make reference to them in my MQ2/Isboxer Guides. Really these are all 'guides' to help answer all of the most common questions that I see boxers asking. What type of computer makes a good boxing computer, how to fix lag or reduce it, different common issues that we face while boxing/with computers and EQ.

I'm going to post anything here I think the community at large would find useful.

- How to reduce your Lag overall (Some tips/tricks)

- Windows 10 and EQ

- What Makes A Good EverQuest Boxing Computer

- Everquest Files (EQclient, UI, LF_AN, Character) and their uses