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Permanent Stat Increase Quests & Character Boosts

In Everquest there are more ways to improve your character than getting AAs, Levels or Gear. During some expansion packs there is a line of quests you can do that will grant you permanent, passive, boosts to some aspect of your character. These include but are not limited to Armor Class, Health and your character's Resistances.

Depending on what level you are and what era of the game you're playing in will determine how many different passive boosts you have available to you and can complete. This page will detail each of these passive stat boosts starting at the first one introduced which was during the Omens of War expansion pack and is known as the MPG Trials.

For those who would like a quick list instead; I have squeezed together all pertinent information below.

1. Omens of War MPG Trials (Increase to Resistances)
2. Dragons of Norrath Progression (Increase health by a %, innate stat boosts and more)
3. CoTF and beyond Hero's Journey, Hero's Fortitude and Hero's Resolution (Multiple upgrades)


Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) Trials - The MPG Trials are one of the two main requirements most raiding guilds will require new recruits to fulfill prior to recruitment. The second big thing they like for you to have is your DoN (Dragons of Norrath) progression done. Now adays you can solo both of these if you're max level but some tasks will require you to request raids which will require a full group.

There are a total of 6 different trials for players to complete in Muramite Proving Grounds. These trials are, Destruction, Efficiency, Fear, Ingenuity, Subversion and Weaponry.


Dragons of Norrath (DoN) Progression - DoN Progression is insanely important to do because of all of the benefits it gives you. It increases your maximum stats, gives you a % based permanent health boost, increases your buff slot limit and more! It's one of the main requirements most raid guilds ask of you before joining to put into words how important this task is to accomplish for your character.


Hero's Fortitude, Hero's Vitality, Hero's Resolution Upgrades - Hero's Fortitude, Vitality and Resolution are some of the best min/max upgrades you can do for your character which come hand in hand from just completing progression with each expansion Call of the Forsaken and beyond. They're like pokemon, you really should collect them all!

Artisan's Prize - The Artisan's Prize aug was added in sometime during TBM and is an extremely massive pain in the ass to get but it will probably be as good as the Prayer Shawl Aug and be a best in slot aug for many years to come. Anyone looking to min/max will definitely want to get this aug!