Rathe Mountains - Classic Leveling Guide

Rathe Mountains is the Froglok noobie zone once that race becomes playable during the Legacy of Ykesha expansion pack. If you start a new Froglok you'll begin in the southern most portion of Rathe Mountains, right around the same location as the PoP book.

Just north of where you start out, in the small light blue circle on the map above, you'll find a butt load of enemies roaming around between the levels 1 - 5. As you could probably already guess, as a noobie Froglok this is where you'll want to hunt. Unless of course you wanna skip town a go to a better noob zone (like Misty Thicket).

Once you hit level 5 you'll want to move further north to the yellow circle on my map above. You'll find more Mosquitos, trolls and froglok enemies roaming around this area for you to defeat. They don't walk very close to the outer walls, so if you're not very well geared I would recommend pulling them away from the central areas and fighting them on the outskirts.

When you reach level 10, things become a bit open ended. You can travel all the way to the northern portion of Rathe Mountains (shown on my map below) and hunt the bears.... Or what you can do instead is throw together a small group and go east of the yellow circle to where the red circle is on my map above.

In this area you'll find a camp of orcs which are between the levels of 10 - 15 as well as an open field where a few enemies roam around, also between the levels of 10 to 15. In the northern end of this area you'll find a group of Lizardmen Robbers which are between the levels 15 and 18. You can stay in this area until level 20 if you want at which point your only option for hunting in Rathe Mountains is the undead to the east of the Lizardmen.

There are two camps of undead here but I am going to be really honest with you and say that this area blows and you should go to another zone for 10 - 15 levels. The undead have a massive level spread and the named enemies that spawn are in their 30s, which will likely lay waste to you and your group if you're in the low 20s. Come back to Rathe Mountains when you're level 30 - 35 and hunt the Hill Giants or Cyclops talked about below.

In the western end of Rathe Mountains near the Lake Rathe zone line you'll find a bunch of cyclops enemies roaming around the hillside, much like the Hill Giants do on the other side of the zone. The cyclops here are between the levels 29 - 33 which will take you fluidly right into the Hill Giants which are 33 - 37 in level.

Cyclops typically roam around the northern side and the southern side of the hill, it wasn't very common that I found them walking over top of it where the bandits are. You won't find any other enemies mixed in with the cyclops here either, which means no need to hunt lower level enemies to clear placeholders as you need to at the Hill Giants. The only downside I can think of is that the cyclops typically roam around in clusters, or at least rather close to each other. It could make pulling singles difficult.

Hill Giants are the most famous camp in all of Rathe Mountains. Along this hill you'll find large skeletons, basilisks, lizardmen, orcs, cyclops, firebeetles, bears and hill giants. Every enemy I just mentioned except for the orcs share a place holder with the hill giants. What this means is if you want more hill giants to spawn you gotta defeat every type of enemy that's found on this hill.

The reason that so many people hunt these hill giants and the reason they're so popular is because of how much raw plat they drop with each kill. Sometimes they can drop upwards of 30pp a kill! Through Classic - TSS these npcs arguably have the largest wallets in the entire game, I can't think of any other enemies except for the NPCs in The Serpent's Spine that drop more plat with each kill.

Due to this reason, the hill giants are typically very heavily camped early on in the game. If you're here at prime time or on a weekend chances are that you'll be sharing this camp with someone else. Wanna learn more about the Hill Giants Farming Location? Follow the link provided to be taken to that guide!


Additional Zone Information

- There are two zones connected to the Mountains of Rathe, The Feerrott and Lake Rathe. There is also a PoK book that will take you to Rathe Mountains as it eventually becomes the home of the Frogloks.

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