Rathe Mountains Hill Giants Farming

The Hill Giants here have a chance to drop anywhere from a few plat to fifty plat a kill. Now you're saying "Ohh emm gee 50pp a kill?" Yes, 50pp a kill, sometimes, not all the times. Usually you will get 10-25. Now you may be running off to Rathe Mountains right now, but you'll want to slow that roll sparky. This place is Hellishly camped. Generally 15 people at all off-times and 30 people prime time, maybe even more on the weekends. Now, while it will be hard to find a Hill Giant, this location still is worth mentioning.

A lot of loot goes to rot on this hill because people are either too lazy to know there is a merchant nearby (Susanna) or can't use her. Generally when the Hill Giant hill is too overcrowded I run around the hill and loot EVERYTHING. Bone Chips, pieces of gear off the lizardmen, Hil Giant or cyclops toes, anything. Once you get encumbered or a full inventory run over to Susanna and offload your goodies.

Also if you're unable to find any Hill Giants I would recommend killing a Cyclops or Giant Skeleton that is walking around. The Cyclops' drop more plat than the skeletons but both are place holders for giants. And if you have full mana, what else are ya gonna spend it on anyway?! =D

Random Tip: If you are an Enchanter and want to make some extra cash, head over to Rathe and offer to buff people with Clarity for 20pp each. Trust me, they will jump on your offer. After you've buffed them, while you're waiting for the buffs to fade run around and collect all the loot no one wants and sell it.

Items Of Interest in Rathe:

Fine Steel Weapons

Some Valueable Gems

Other Vendorable Goodies