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How to get to Barindu, Hanging Gardens

Note: If the Guild Hall is active on your server you can take the portal straight to Barindu and skip all the running.

           In order for you to get to Barindu, Hanging Gardens you'll first need to make it to Natimbi, The Broken Shores. To reach Natimbi what you'll need to do is find a Magus (there's one in the Guild Lobby as well as at every LDoN camp) and say Nedaria to them after hailing them. If you need help locating a Magus, head over to my How to get to Natimbi Guide for more information.

           Once you're in Natimbi you will want to go to the north-central most portion of the zone which is where you will find Qinimi. From the Qinimi zone line you will find Barindu in the northwestern most portion of the map/area.


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