Riwwi, Coliseum of Games - GoD Leveling Guide

One of the easiest camps and best camps I have found in Riwwi is in the southern portion of the zone, nearby the Ferubi zone line. You'll find this area populated with a bunch of enemies between the levels of 50 - 58. The map above doesn't show any named enemies spawning around this location - but a few of them do, assuming that they aren't up in another part of the zone that is.

If you park your group in the southeastern portion of the area, you'll be able to pull from the field that's south of the river which splits the zone in half. There's plenty of enemies for you to fight here and it's a good spot for groups that are working their way up to 60 - 65. If you'd like to kick things up a notch and take on more of a challenge then head over the river to the area with the buildings. You'll find that a lot more named enemies spawn in this area than down south and the mob population is much more dense.

Viqu the Blind: Blindeye, Engraved Spiral Conch

Animal Trainer Kayzic: Fur-Covered Breeches, Fur-Covered Leather Gorget, Fur-Covered Sleeves

Animal Handler Yluxx: Fur-Covered Breeches, Fur-Covered Leather Gorget, Fur-Covered Sleeves

Night Watchman Fxi: Watchman's Breeches, Watchman's Supple Armwraps, Watchman's Wrought-Iron Neckband

Chef Vuzcv: Durable Mesh Bib, Pungent Slimy Shoes, Stained Scale Pants


The second portion of Riwwi, Coliseum of Games - is the coliseum! All the way at the northern most portion of the zone you'll find a large pit with spectator stands on either side of it. The stands are filled with enemies 53 - 58 much like the outside area, inside the pit there's enemies as well about the same level range.

Once you jump down into the coliseum the only way to get out is the exit on the southeastern end of the tunnels going around the area. Throughout the tunnels you'll find all sorts of enemies and a few different nameds can spawn down in this area too.


Warlord Vokken: Cloak of Devastation, Gargantuan Armlinks, Handwraps of Devastation

Reluctant Gladiator: Dried Clay Armguards, Flowing Argil, Speckled Clay Handwraps

Dedgerex: Dedgerex's Flintforged Cudgel, Mace of Dark Glory

Officiator Keviazh: Crimson Director's Boots, Dignitary's Cloak, Scaled Gloves of the Director



Additional Information

- If you don't have access to the Guild Hall or a Druid/Wizard that can port to GoD zones, you'll have to take the long round about way to Riwwi instead. For more information on how to reach Riwwi head on over to my How to get to Riwwi Guide.

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