Barindu, The Hanging Gardens - GoD Leveling Guide

This page is currently a place holder for a zone guide which I will make at some point in the future. It's currently 3/24/18, if you're reading this at least 5 months from this date post a reminder down at the bottom for me to come and finish this guide!


Ra`tuk Kiyt Gykk:

Kyv Rux Vhedt:

Frenzied Noc Corpsethrasher:

Overseer Oltix:

Mastruq Utk Hykat:




Additional Information

- If you don't have access to the Guild Hall or a Druid/Wizard that can port to GoD zones, you'll have to take the long round about way to Barindu instead. For more information on how to reach Barindu head on over to my How to get to Barindu Guide.

Barindu Allakhazam Zone Information