How to create Golden Idol of Tunare

Golden Idols of Tunare are a good way to raise your Pottery Skill as well as a good way to make some decent plat with the Tradeskill. Aside from these items being great for anyone who worships the Tunare diety these items are also used in the Earring of the Solstice quest which is added to the game during the Luclin expansion pack.



Unfired Idol of Tunare (242 Trivial)

Since there are so many different dietys you could choose whichever one you want. But for the sake of making this easy, I'm only going to list the Golden Idol of Karana materials.

1 Celestial Essence

1 Gold Bar

1 Idol Sketch

1 Imbued Emerald (Level 29 Druid/Cleric Spell)

1 Large Block of Magic Clay

1 Sculpting Tools

1 Vial of Distilled Mana

1 Water Flask

Once you have the Unfired version of the idol there is only one remaining combine and that is to make it into a Golden Idol of <Diety>.


Golden Idol of Tunare (Trivial 41)

Once you have all of the required items, combine them together in a Kiln to make the Golden Idol of Tunare.

1 Divine Crystalline Glaze

1 High Quality Firing Sheet

1 Unfired Idol of Tunare