Where to farm Jord Meat

The only location in the entire game that you can farm Jord Meat is from the jords that are found in the Earth wing/towers of Bastion of Thunder. During the PoP expansion this is one of the most camped zones & wings of the entire era. It's very likely that you'll be able to find Jord Meat (and usually Mephit Meat) in The Bazaar on your server or sold to a vendor like a parcel liason.

Before you run over here and start farming up a storm for this item I highly recommend that you check The Bazaar as well as the most popular vendors you can think of for this stuff. This zone sees so much traffic between the PoP - OoW expansions that it's unlikely your search for Jord and Mephit Meat will come up empty.


Jord Meat Pie 190 - 282

Another fairly easy recipe for players to complete during the PoP era. Jord Meat drops off the enemies in the Earth Wing of Bastion of Thunder, one of the most frequented wings of the zone. If you can't farm it yourself you'd probably be able to get it cheap out of The Bazaar or by setting up a buyer.

This recipe must be completed in a Tanaan Oven.

Clump of Dough

Meat1 Jord Meat

1 Pie Tin