How to create a Non-Stick Frying Pan

The Non-Stick Frying Pan is added into the game during the Luclin expansion pack, or, when Jaggedpine Forest goes live and is one of the many different utensils used in the Baking profession. One of the primary ingredients to make the Non-Stick Frying Pan is sold in Jaggedpine Forest, the Frying Pan Mold.

Like many other utensils, the Non-Stick Frying Pan is not consumed upon a failure or successful tradeskill combine. You get to keep it forever and ever unless Daybreak screws up like they did during RoS and for a week or two utensils were consumed. Then... Whoops I am wrong.


Non-Stick Frying Pan (Trivial 91)

1 Ceramic Lining

1 Frying Pan Mold

1 Metal Bits

1 Water Flask


The only item that's difficult to find for this recipe is the Frying Pan Mold. You'll have to travel all the way to Jaggedpine Forest and speak with Dunarl in order to purchase this item. A screen shot of him as well as his location on the map is shown below.