How to create a Casserole Dish

Casserole Dish is another one of the many different utensils used in the Baking profession. Unlike many of the other utensils this one takes a massively high skill in Pottery to make the Unfired Casserole Dish (Trivial 199). So high in fact, that I recommend you spend your time raising your Pottery with this recipe and vendoring all the Unfired Casserole Dishes you don't need.

You can only buy the Casserole Dish Sketchs in a specific location, for more information about that follow the link provided below.


Unfired Casserole Dish (Trivial 199)

Once you have all the ingredients together place them into a Pottery Wheel and hit combine.

1 Casserole Dish Sketch

1 Ceramic Lining

1 Large Block of Clay

1 Water Flask