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Kenshi Walkthroughs

Kenshi is an open world game that is best described in my opinion as an RPG/RTS combination with an element of survival games mixed in. For the first bit of the game you'll usually be controlling a single character until you get enough Cats to buy some companions. Then you'll be playing an entire unit of characters until eventually you can build your own base at which point you'll usually break your characters into multiple 'Squads' and leave some at the base while you explore with the others.

One of the things that makes Kenshi super unique is that it's designed to be played however you want. For that reason I don't want you to take this walkthrough as the way you 'must' play the game but rather the way I play the game. Even if you don't want to play the game the same way as me you'll still find value in this guide because I go into detail about all the things to do in Kenshi and what exactly the 'endgame' is in the game.

When you log into Kenshi for the first time you will be asked to pick a game mode. If this is your first time playing Kenshi I recommend you choose either Wanderer, The Wandering Trader or Nobodies. The canon start to Kenshi is by choosing the Wanderer game mode which will start you out in 'The Hub'. I will be choosing this game mode for the purposes of this guide... Though keep in mind that the information I offer will be relevant for all game modes.

Wanderer Game Mode

As for the other game starts that you can choose in Kenshi, I have created walkthroughs for most of them which you can also find below. For the most part each game mode will start off in a unique way but at some point will merge into the primary walkthrough that I have created. The reason for this is the middle and end of Kenshi is pretty standard no matter what you choose as a game start. At some point you eventually build up your party, build a base and start exploring as that's the main gameplay loop of the game.

If you're thinking about choosing a start other than Wanderer then I recommend you click on that specific guide below and follow it until it merges with Part 1 of my Kenshi Walkthrough. Many of these unique game starts also come with their own video series I made too, you'll find those videos linked to on the appropriate pages.


Kenshi Walkthrough Part 1 - Making Money & Recruiting
Empire Citizen Game Start
The Slaves Game Start
The Wandering Trader Game Start
The Holy Sword Game Start
The Cannibal Hunters Game Start
The Hive Exile Game Start
Rock Bottom Game Start
Holy Nation Citizen Game Start
Guy with a Dog Game Start
The Freedom Seekers Game Start
Nobodies Game Start

Kenshi Walkthrough Part 2 - Building A Base & Mid Game

Kenshi Walkthrough Part 3 - End Game

Kenshi Walkthrough Part 4 - Philosophy & Random Nonsense


Kenshi Youtube Walkthrough
(Part 1) - Getting Started and making money
(Part 2) - Our first adventure outside of town
(Part 3) - Finishing our first adventure
(Part 4) - Leveling Toughness & Venturing to distant towns
(Part 5) - Are we Ready for Mid Game?
(Part 6) - Visiting Mongrel, Recruiting Beep & Upgrading Weapons & Gear
(Part 7) - Our First Base Explained & AFK Stat Training
(Part 8) - Midgame and Setting A Goal We Can Aim Towards
(Part 9) - Making BiS Armor & Finishing Mid Game
(Part 10) - Kenshi Philosophy & Raiding UC Settlements
(Part 11) - Taking out UC Leaders & Fighting Eyegore's Army
(Part 12) - Sonorous Dark & Ashlands Exploration
(Part 13) - Defeating Mad-Cat Lon & End of Game


That covers just about all I have for Kenshi Walkthroughs! If you don't want to use one of my walkthroughs but still want information about each zone and what you can find in them I recommend you use my Kenshi Area Walkthroughs instead. These walkthroughs break most of the zones in the game up into 2 categories -- Mid Game Zones and End Game Zones. Each walkthrough will include information about what you can find in each zone as well as a completed map of that zone. They're basically succinct walkthroughs for every area in the game.


Kenshi Mid Game Zone Walkthroughs

Kenshi End Game Zone Walkthroughs