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When you first start the game you're going to find yourself in the southern end of the zone Bast faced with 2 options. You can travel northwest from here to the Northern Coast where you'll find a Fishing Village that you can seek refuge in or you can go southeast to Sho-Battai into Empire territory for refuge.

Each area comes with its own positives and negatives; the Fishing Village is a longer run but in my opinion puts you into a much better "noob" area. From the Fishing Village you're able to head south to World's End where you can pick up a couple of good companions and supplies then further south into Holy Nation Territory. So long as you're a Human the Holy Nation will accept you with open arms and have no issue with you. Shek and Hivers will be enslaved and Skeletons are killed on the spot in Holy Nation lands.

Our second option is Sho-Battai and Empire territory. If you decide to go down this road you can most likely kiss your dog goodbye since our character will likely be enslaved as it's illegal to be poor and hungry in the Empire towns... However the guards don't enforce this law 100% of the time so there is definitely a chance they won't bother you.... at first. The Great Desert also has Skimmers which are higher level enemies that you'll have to keep an eye out for since they will tear us to shreds at this low level.

If you're going to go the Sho-Battai route I recommend you follow my Rock Bottom, Empire Citizen or The Wandering Trader Walkthroughs. They all start in the Sho-Battai/Empire area and can provide you with a lot of information about getting started in that part of the world. With this guide I am going to be going to the Fishing Village and from there further into Holy Nation Territory.

Map of Fishing Village Area

Until you make it out of Bast I recommend you avoid looting anything as it will only slow you down. After making it to the Northern Coast try to loot the corpse of a Bonedog or a River Raptor for their meat that way we can feed our pet. In order to feed your dog at this point in the game you'll need to loot some meat then drop it on the ground next to them and they'll eat it. Bonedogs aren't picky eaters and will consume Foul Meat as well as Raw Meat.

If at all possible try to loot some Cannibals too, specifically you want the Flesh Cleaver weapons they use since you can sell them for a nice profit at the stores in the Fishing Village. The Fishing Village we are visiting will have 2 shops, your typical Bar which has companions that we can recruit and food. You'll also find an Adventuring merchant which sells a bunch of different items but the most important one for us will be Scavenger's Basket.

Scavenger's Basket will be the first backpack we're able to buy and it's a really big deal since it'll allow all party members to eat food out of the backpack & double the loot we can pick up. To make enough money to afford this as well as food and companions you'll want to run around the surrounding areas and loot enemies who are unconscious or dead. What I typically do is mine the Iron Deposit right next to town while constantly looking around for numbers popping up on my screen because that tells me there's a fight going on over there.

Also looking for big red blotches on the ground will help you find lots of corpses that you can loot too. My biggest tip to you if you're feeling unlucky is to follow around one of the very large cannibal patrols and wait for them to fight enemies. There will typically always be corpses to loot once the battle is finished.

Unique Recruits & Fishing Village: Hobbs, Horse, Green Finger, Soman

Our goal(s) at the Fishing Village are to earn enough Cats to afford food, backpacks and at least 3 or 4 companions. You're going to want a couple of companions incase you make a mistake and get one character knocked unconscious. With only one companion you'll need to cross your fingers and hope his injuries aren't so bad that they will bleed out -- with more than one companion you can still save him.

Map of Worlds End and surrounding area

It's up to you how long you want to stay in this area before moving onto Holy Nation Territory. I recommend you have 30,000 Cats at minimum before departing our little Fishing Village since we need some money when we reach World's End to buy equipment and food. World's End will have 2 equipment shops, multiple bars and 2 weapon shops - one for Crossbow and one for melee. As for right now ignore the Crossbow shop as it's far too expensive for us.

The first thing you should probably do is visit each bar and see if there are any companions that you want to recruit. You can find a total of 3 unique companions here, all of them are mentioned below. I'd recommend you avoid recruiting Silvershade and any Shek, Skeletons or Hivers though if you plan to do more than just run through Holy Nation Territory.

World's End Unique Recruits: Bard, Hobbs, Silvershade

Holy Nation will enslave any Sheks or Hivers you have in your party and outright attack Skeletons or characters with Robotic Limbs. For this reason some of you may want to completely skip over the Holy Nation and continue south to The Hub and Squin which are arguably better noob towns anyway. After recruiting any new companions buy whatever [Standard] and [Shoddy] equipment you can afford in the armor shops here and then get some food.

That's really all there is for us to do in World's End at the minute. Before leaving here you can also hire some Tech Hunters or Mercenaries to guard you and your group if you'd like... A fair warning though, if the Tech Hunter group has a Skeleton in it or a human with a Robotic Limb they'll actually probably put you into more danger since we're about to go through Holy Nation Territory. Choose wisely.

When you are ready to leave World's End head out the southern exit and south through the Arm of Okran zone. At some point you'll have to merge into Okran's Valley and then follow that south to Okran's Pride which can be our new noob zone if you want it to. You technically have 2 options at this point available to you, if you want you can stick around in Okran's Pride and use this as your noob zone or you can continue south to The Border Zone and use that zone as your noob zone.

Holy Nation Territory Map Locations

The Border Zone is the primary noob zone in this game and is arguably the best area for noobs. It's ultimately your choice where you'd like to spend the early part of your game, you can stay in Holy Nation lands or you can continue south and level up/make money in The Border Zone in the area around Squin. Those of you who decide to continue south to The Border Zone should hop over to my Kenshi Walkthrough Part 1 since that's where my main walkthrough starts at.

If you plan to stay in the Holy Nation Territory I recommend you jump over to my Holy Nation Citizen Walkthrough as that will have detailed information relevant for this location.