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The Hive Exile Dreg to Squin Map Locations

The Hive Exile Walkthrough Running to Squin & Recruiting for our Squad

The Hive Exile starts you out at a random Hive Village in the Vain or Dreg region. I've included the map locations above and below these paragraphs of the entire area surrounding Vain and Dreg so you know where things are. What I would recommend you do at the very start of the game is to run to Squin or The Hub, both of these towns are in The Border Zone which is an area southeast of Vain/Dreg. Depending on which Hive Village you start in this will either be a quick run or an extremely long and perilous one.

Neither Vain nor Dreg are good noob zones for us since we can't buy any food here or recruit any Companions here. The closest towns for us are Admag, Squin, Mongrel and The Hub. I'd personally recommend always running to Squin or The Hub first as both of these towns have nearby Copper Deposits which will allow us to earn money for Food as soon as possible.

The Hive Exile Vain to Squin Map Locations

As always, when just starting a new game our short term goals should be making money and recruiting companions. There are quite a few unique companions that we can recruit in Squin such as Kang, Ruka, Rane the Giant and Oron. I recommend you recruit all of them as quickly as possible since the more companions we have the more Copper we can mine.

Usually what I do when I am at Squin is mine the 2 Copper Deposits outside the eastern gate. Any time you see Garru or Goats passing by you can drag them to the guards at the gate to kill them and then loot the meat and hides off their bodies. To see an example of how to do this watch my The Hive Exile Walkthrough Running to Squin & Recruiting for our Squad.

To make the group of Garru or Goats agro you what you'll want to do is mouse over them and hold down right click to get a drop down of options. You'll want to select 'Attack Unprovoked' from the list.

If you are in line of sight of an enemy and perform the 'Attack Unprovoked' or 'Attack Target' command they'll engage you and start running towards you. Occasionally the entire group of enemies will follow and this is the ideal scenario for us. You don't actually want to fight the enemies (duh, they'll kill you), what you want is for the nearby guards to engage the enemies to protect you. The guards will have no issue at all defeating the entire pack of enemies and they won't take a single piece of the loot.

To get the whole pack of enemies to follow you successfully you'll need to stay as close to the entire pack as possible. If you get too far away from the pack of enemies while pulling them then they will leash and return to their original positions.

Attack Unprovoked on Garru

As simple as it is, this is going to be our rotation for the forseeable future. We need to keep mining and pulling enemies to guards until we can recruit 10 or so members to our Squad. Then we'll need to save up to purchase a building in Squin, repair that building, build a research bench, buy Books for the research bench, upgrade that research bench and much much more.

This is pretty much the end of our unique path for The Hive Exile play through. At this point in time all of the advice I give you is the same exact advice that I share in my Kenshi Walkthrough (Part 1) so instead of repeating myself here I will just point you to that page instead.




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