Chapter 3 (Shadow Thief) Walkthrough - Baldur's Gate 2

Aran Linvail Shadow Thieves Guild

If you decide to go with the Shadow Thief Guild during Chapter 3 you'll need to give the 15,000G to Gaelan Bayle in the Slums District. Gaelan will send you to Aran Linvail who is found in the Shadow Thief Guild building in the Docks District; the building is marked on your map and hard to miss.

Aran Linvail is found on the 2nd basement floor of this building which can be reached by using the key that Gaelan Bayle gives you. Before Aran will give you what you want and help you free Imoen you'll need to complete 3 tasks for him. All 3 of these tasks are part of the Aran's Tasks to Receive the Shadow Thieves' Aid quest and are listed below along with instructions about how to complete each of them.



Quest #1: Protect Mook at the Docks

Mook in Southern Docks District

The first task Aran Linvail gives you requires you to meet someone named Mook in the southern portion of the Docks District at night time. When you arrive there will be a short conversation with Mook where she tells you that someone weird has been stalking her. After your convo with her a Vampire named Lassal will show up and kill Mook then start attacking you.

Deal enough damage to Lassal and he'll turn into a gaseous cloud and flee after which you'll have to return to Aran Linvail and speak with him to complete this task.

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Quest #2: Find the Traitors

Shadow Thief Quest 2 Find Traitors

Our next task requires us to visit the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District to take out 2 traitors. You can find the people we're looking for on the 2nd floor of the Inn, when you enter their room dialogue will immediately begin and they'll ask who you are. It's possible to convince them you're the real contact and get some funny dialogue from them but it'll eventually end in bloodshed either way.

When the real contact arrives you can also convince him that you're the traitor with high enough Charisma. If you successfully convince him he'll give you the note you need to return to Aran otherwise when you kill him he'll drop the note you need.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Quest #3: Clear Bodhi's Lair

Haz in Lower Tombs

The final task that Aran gives you involves clearing out Bodhi's Lair of all the Vampires. You can find Bodhi's Lair in the Lower Tombs of the Graveyard District; there are numerous entrances to get inside of the dungeon, it doesn't matter which one you choose. Our destination is in the northern portion of the Lower Tombs where you'll find Haz, the Mage that Aran sent here waiting for you.

When you speak with Haz he'll open the door for you that leads into the Vampire section of the Lower Tombs and then get himself killed. Our 2 primary goals during our raid on the Vampire Lair here is to obtain the Mace of Disruption from the Pool of Blood in the northwestern portion of this area and to eliminate all of the Vampires.

For more information about this specific version of the Lower Tombs I recommend you follow the link provided. This Lower Tombs is a slightly different map than the normal one since we're currently on a story quest; when you revisit here during Chapter 6 you'll get a different map than this one as well. All the areas will be the same but items and enemies will be different.

Mace of Disruption in Pool of Blood
Mace of Disruption location in the Lower Tombs

The most difficult enemies that you'll face in this area are the Tanova Vampires which are pretty powerful spell casters. You'll need to strip them of their spell protections (or wait them out) and buff yourself with as much avoidance as possible because each melee hit from a Vampire inflicts Level Drain. To cure Level Drain you'll want to use a Restoration Scroll on the person or visit a Temple and cure it that way.

Once you've eliminated all of the Vampires on the Lower Tombs floor it's time to go downstairs and take out the remaining ones in Bodhi's Lair. You can find the stairs down into Bodhi's Lair near the large table in the center of the Vampire's hideout. In Bodhi's Lair you won't actually find Bodhi but Lassal instead who will briefly talk to you then teleport away.

You'll have to return to the previous floor where you'll find Lassal in the Torture Room, as Lassal said it's the room with blades and blood located in the northwest. Here you'll fight Lassal alone who will be no match for you, when defeated he'll turn into a gaseous cloud again and flee.

With Lassal defeated it's time to head to the Coffin Room where you'll need to stake the "dead" Vampires to get Bodhi to spawn. If you don't have any Wooden Stakes you can find them in a container just south of the Coffin Room or by visiting one of many different Temples. Follow the link I provided for more information.

Bodhi Fight in Coffin Room
Bodhi fight in Coffin Room

The Coffin Room I am talking about is the room just south of where we found the Mace of Disruption earlier. Technically all you need to do is stake the southern most coffin in this room (which contains Lassal) and Bodhi will spawn - but I recommend you do all 3 since they're worth 9k EXP each.

Bodhi will talk to you briefly then attack you and your group before fleeing when you defeat her. This will mark the end of the quest, all that is left now is to return to Aran Linvail and tell him of your victory and what you've learned. Once you've turned the quest in to Aran he'll offer to send you to Brynnlaw/Spellhold which is where we need to go to continue the main story.

Note: When you travel to Brynnlaw you're going to be put on rails for quite awhile and will lose access to Athkatla and every other side quest area until Chapter 6. Make sure you're ready before embarking on this adventure.



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