Island Concerns: Ginia's Tale - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Ginia in Brynnlaw

The Island Concerns: Ginia's Tale side quest begins by speaking with Ginia in the northeastern portion of Brynnlaw. You'll be passing through this town on your way to Spellhold during Chapter 4 of the main story, this side quest must be completed during Chapter 4 or it will be missed forever since you can not return to Brynnlaw once you've traveled to the Underdark and begun Chapter 5.

After you've spoken to Ginia our next task is to kill Chremy who is standing next to the Vulgar Monkey Inn which is found in the center of town. Once this is out of the way go down the nearby stairs and speak with Calahan to smuggle Ginia and Ason out of Brynnlaw. You will have to pay the fare for both Ason and Ginia but it'll only be 200G which is chump change at this point in the game.

Calahan and Chremy
Locations of Chremy and Calahan in Brynnlaw

Once you've accomplished these 2 things return to Ginia and speak with her to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with 9000 EXP and everyone will live happily ever after.