MISC Item Console Commands - Baldur's Gate 1

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Complete list of Console Commands for all items

My list of Console Commands (Commonly used items)



AERIEBAB - Aerie's Baby (Throne of Bhaal)
AMSOUL01 - Malla's Soul Stone (Throne of Bhaal)
BOTSMITH - Summons Cespenar (Throne of Bhaal)
C6LANTHO - The Lanthorn
DECK - Deck of Many Things (Throne of Bhaal)
FIGURE01 - Shakti Figurine (Throne of Bhaal)
GLOBBLU1 to GLOBBLU4 - Blue Globes (Throne of Bhaal)
GLOBRED1 to GLOBRED4 - Red Globes (Throne of Bhaal)
GLOBGRE1 to GLOBGRE4 - Green Globes (Throne of Bhaal)
GLOBPUR1 to GLOBPUR4 - Purple Globes (Throne of Bhaal)

MAGE01 - Ring of Invisibility
MAGE02 - Ring of Barkskin
MAGE03 - Ring of Mirror Image
MAGE04 - Pseudo Ring of Blur
MAGE05 - Pseudo Ring of Free Action
MAGE06 - Ring of Haste

MISC01 - Winter Wolf Pelt
MISC02 - Mirror
MISC03 - Small Box
MISC04 - Bassilus' Holy Symbol
MISC07 - Gold Piece
MISC12 - Ankheg Shell
MISC13 - Samuel (body)
MISC16 - Fire Agate Gem
MISC17 - Lynx Eye Gem
MISC18 - Sunstone Gem
MISC19 - Turquoise Gem
MISC1A - Bottle of Wine
MISC1B - Butter Knife of Balduran
MISC1C - Sea Charts
MISC1E - Evan's Body
MISC1F - Dradeel's Spell Book
MISC1G - Farthing's Dolly
MISC1H - Gong Mallet
MISC1I - Belladonna flowers
MISC1J - Glittering Beljuril Gemstone
MISC20 - Bloodstone Gem
MISC21 - Skydrop Gem
MISC22 - Andar Gem
MISC23 - Jasper Gem
MISC24 - Tchazar Gem
MISC25 - Zircon Gem
MISC26 - Iol Gem
MISC27 - Moonstone Gem
MISC28 - Waterstar Gem
MISC29 - Ziose Gem
MISC2A - Doppelganger Wardstone
MISC2B - Level 1 Exit Wardstone
MISC2C - Islanne Wardstone
MISC2D - Kiel Wardstone
MISC2E - Fuernebol Wardstone
MISC2F - Teleportation Wardstone
MISC2G - Level 2 Exit Wardstone
MISC2I - Wardstone Forgery
MISC2K - Compass Wardstone
MISC2L - Bone Wardstone
MISC2M - Dwarven Rune 1 Wardstone
MISC2N - Dwarven Rune 2 Wardstone
MISC2O - Lock of hair from Kirinhale
MISC2P - Harp of ?
MISC30 - Chrysoberyl Gem
MISC31 - Star Diopside Gem
MISC32 - Shandon Gem
MISC33 - Aquamarine Gem
MISC34 - Garnet Gem
MISC35 - Horn Coral Gem
MISC36 - Pearl
MISC37 - Sphene Gem
MISC38 - Black Opal
MISC39 - Water Opal
MISC3A - Book of Infinite Spells (Fireball)
MISC3A1 - Book of Infinite Spells (Invisibility)
MISC3A2 - Book of Infinite Spells (Protection from Evil)
MISC3A3 - Book of Infinite Spells (True Seeing)
MISC3A4 - Book of Infinite Spells (Farsight)
MISC3A5 - Book of Infinite Spells (Spell Turning)
MISC3A6 - Book of Infinite Spells (Wyvern Call)
MISC3A7 - Book of Infinite Spells (Stinking Cloud)
MISC3A8 - Book of Infinite Spells (Lightning Bolt)
MISC3A9 - Book of Infinite Spells (Burning Hands)
MISC3C - Efreeti Bottle
MISC3D - Golden Lion Figurine
MISC3E - Black Spider Figurine
MISC3F - Jade Hound
MISC3H - Horn of Blasting
MISC3I - Silver Horn of Valhalla
MISC3J - Bronze Horn of Valhalla
MISC3K - Iron Horn of Valhalla
MISC3L - Horn of Silence
MISC3M - Harp of Discord
MISC3N - Azlaer's Harp
MISC3O - Methild's Harp
MISC3P - Glasses of Identification
MISC40 - Moonbar Gem
MISC41 - Star Sapphire
MISC42 - Diamond
MISC43 - Emerald
MISC44 - Kings Tears
MISC45 - Rogue Stone
MISC47 - Golden Pantaloons
MISC48 - Idol
MISC49 - Melicamp the Chicken
MISC4A - Activation Stone
MISC4B - Jail Cell Key (Jaheira)
MISC4C - Air Elemental Statue
MISC4D - The Genie's Flask
MISC4E - Energy Cells
MISC4G - Portal Key
MISC4H - Wand of Fire Key
MISC4I - Wand of Frost Key
MISC4J - Wand of Summoning Key
MISC4K - Wand of Lightning Key
MISC4L - Wand of Cloudkill Key
MISC4M - Wand of Missiles Key
MISC4N - Acorns
MISC4O - Sewage Golem Key
MISC4P - Key to Frennedan's Room
MISC4Q - The Ogre's Sword
MISC4R - Haegan's Key
MISC4S - Key to Shadow Thieves Cellar (Gaelan's Key)
MISC4T - Letter of Transfer
MISC4U - Embarl's Dagger
MISC4V - Mae'Var's Letter
MISC4W - Edwin's Documents
MISC4X - Statuette of Lathander
MISC4Y - Necklace of Talos
MISC4Z - Beastmaster Key
MISC50 - Skull
MISC51 - Lock of Nymph's Hair
MISC52 - Wyvern Head
MISC53 - Bowl of Water Elemental Control
MISC54 - Child's Body
MISC55 - Duke Eltan's Body
MISC56 - Broken Weapon
MISC57 - Broken Shield
MISC58 - Broken Armor
MISC59 - Broken Miscellaneous
MISC5A - Rift Device Part
MISC5B - Rift Device Part 2
MISC5C - Rift Device
MISC5D - Harper Bird
MISC5E - Harper Amulet
MISC5F - Renfeld's Body
MISC5G - Exotic Hide
MISC5H - Guril Berries
MISC5I - Am-si's Key
MISC5J - Writ of Innocence
MISC5K - Illithium Ore (200 pounds)
MISC5L - Littleman The Stuffed Bear
MISC5M - Inspector's Body
MISC5N - Piece of Red Cloth
MISC5O - Silver Pantaloons
MISC5P - Ransom Note
MISC5Q - Blood of Quallo's Friend
MISC5R - The Lover's Ring
MISC5S - Hand
MISC5T - Shaman's Staff
MISC5U - Montaron's Body
MISC5V - Lock of Jaheira's Hair
MISC5W - Keepsake Locket
MISC5X - Harper Pin
MISC5Y - Jaheira's Note
MISC5Z - Rift Device (used)
MISC60 - Spider Body
MISC61 - Bottle of Wine
MISC62 - Dead Cat
MISC63 - Chew Toy
MISC64 - Telescope
MISC65 - Brage's Body
MISC66 - Farmer Brun's son (DEAD)
MISC67 - Brun's Dead Son
MISC68 - Abela the Nymph
MISC69 - Helshara's Artifact Fragment
MISC6A - Tanner's Letter
MISC6B - Dennis' Mother's Gong
MISC6C - Guril Berries
MISC6D - Solik Berries
MISC6E - Oak Bark
MISC6F - Quataris' Confession
MISC6G - Bust of Sune
MISC6H - Mekrath's Mirror
MISC6I - Anarg's Cup
MISC6J - Golem Head
MISC6K - Golem Arm
MISC6L - Golem Brain
MISC6M - Demon Heart
MISC6N - Sun Gem
MISC6O - Sun Gem
MISC6P - Shadow Dragon Wardstone
MISC6Q - Amuana's Bones
MISC6R - Note to Order
MISC6S - Chunk of Illithium Alloy
MISC6T - Planar Stone
MISC6U - Firkraag's Challenge
MISC6V - Smuggled Shipment
MISC6W - Wooden Stake
MISC6X - Portal Gem
MISC6Y - Mimic's Blood
MISC6Z - Beljuril
MISC70 - Delorna's Statue
MISC71 - Delorna's Spellbook
MISC72 - The Claw of Kazgaroth
MISC73 - The Horn of Kazgaroth
MISC74 - The Candle
MISC75 - Dagger of Venom
MISC76 - The Dream Potion
MISC77 - Skull of Kereph
MISC78 - Invitation
MISC79 - Female Body
MISC7A - Chicken
MISC7B - Chicken
MISC7C - Contact's Note
MISC7D - Barl's Antidote
MISC7E - Fairy Dust
MISC7F - Ti'Vael's Head
MISC7G - Jaheira's note for your character
MISC7H - Umar Witch Project Journal
MISC7I - Chaos Tome
MISC7J - Wand of Activation
MISC7K - Head of Cotirso
MISC7L - Valygar's Body
MISC7M - Corthala Tax Notice
MISC7N - Wand of Lightning
MISC7O - Note (from Cragmoon)
MISC7P - Tombelthen's Journal (first half)
MISC7Q - Tombelthen's Journal (2nd half)
MISC7R - Mithril Medallion
MISC7S - Lord Tombelthen's Note
MISC7T - Moon Dog Figurine
MISC7U - Dog Stew
MISC7V - Dog Meat
MISC7W - Lavok's Tome
MISC7X - Mastery Orb
MISC7Y - Thrall Collar
MISC7Z - Coal
MISC80 - Male Body
MISC82 - Ancient Armor
MISC83 - Key to River Plug
MISC84 - Boo
MISC85 - Mulahey's Holy Symbol
MISC86 - Bandit Scalp
MISC87 - Contaminated Iron
MISC88 - Rabbit's Foot
MISC89 - Edwin's Amulet
MISC8A - Note (for Shadow Thieves)
MISC8B - Note (for Shadow Thieves 2)
MISC8C - Morn Ritual
MISC8D - Noontide Ritual
MISC8E - Dusk Ritual
MISC8F - Playhouse Deed
MISC8G - Rune of Imprisonment
MISC8H - Blood of a Silver Dragon
MISC8I - Note from Imnesvale
MISC8J - Boots of the West (CHA +1)
MISC8K - Ihtafeer's head
MISC8L - Mantle of Waukeen
MISC8M - Trademeet Tomb Key
MISC8N - Isaea's Financial Statements
MISC8O - Isaea's Signet Ring
MISC8P - Isaea's Slavery Document
MISC8Q - Rebel's Orb
MISC8R - Fake Rebel's Heart
MISC8S - Rebel's Heart
MISC8T - Cernd's Baby
MISC8U - Silver Blade (Vorpal Sword piece)
MISC8V - Wardstone for Asylum
MISC8W - Opal Stone
MISC8X - Ruby Stone
MISC8Y - Sapphire Stone
MISC8Z - Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard
MISC90 - Chelak's Body
MISC91 - Grapes
MISC92 - Switch for engine
MISC93 - Odd looking key
MISC94 - Mallet head
MISC95 - Mallet handle
MISC96 - Peladon
MISC97 - De'Tranion's Baalor ale
MISC98 - Durlag's goblet
MISC99 - Cursed Plate mail armor (belt icon)
MISC9A - The Hand of Dace
MISC9B - Vampire Stake
MISC9C - Lium's Journal of Malevolent Magicks
MISC9D - Giant Troll's Head
MISC9E - Minotaur Horn
MISC9F - Minotaur Horn 2
MISC9G - Pirate Horn
MISC9H - Neb's Head
MISC9I - First journal of Jon Irenicus
MISC9J - Second journal of Jon Irenicus
MISC9K - Third journal of Irenicus
MISC9L - Deed to the Windspear Hills
MISC9M - Pipe
MISC9N - Pendant
MISC9O - Staff
MISC9P - Helmet
MISC9Q - Scimitar
MISC9R - Light Gem
MISC9S - Mind Amplification Device
MISC9T - Dragon Eggs
MISC9U - Fake Dragon Eggs (Phaere's)
MISC9V - Fake Dragon Eggs (Solaufein)
MISC9W - Drow Piwafwi Cloak (Solaufein's)
MISC9X - Control Circlet
MISC9Y - Brine Potion
MISC9Z - Corrupted Tadpoles
MISCA1 - Gem ?
MISCA2 - Sulphurous Poison
MISCA3 - Book of Rituals
MISCA4 - Potion of Squirrel Change
MISCA5 - Stoneshape Scroll
MISCA6 - Patrol Leader's Helmet
MISCA7 - Kuo-Toan's Blood
MISCA8 - Eyestalk of an Elder Orb
MISCA9 - Star Medallion
MISCAA - Golden Circlet
MISCAB - Jar of Water
MISCAC - Sundial
MISCAD - Sun Medallion
MISCAE - Sword Medallion
MISCAF - The Gagged Man
MISCAG - Mirror
MISCAH - Hourglass
MISCAI - Worn Out Boots
MISCAJ - Grinning Skull
MISCAK - Warden's Note
MISCAL - Mithril Token
MISCAM - Galvena's Key
MISCAN - Galvena's Medallion
MISCAO - Mind Flayer Painting
MISCAP - Umberhulk Painting
MISCAQ - Troll Painting
MISCAR - Djinni Painting
MISCAS - Sleeping Draught
MISCAT - Mug of Ale
MISCAU - Elven Holy Water
MISCAV - Golden Skull
MISCAW - Golden Arm and Leg
MISCAX - Golden Leg
MISCAY - Golden Torso
MISCAZ - Beholder Eye
MISCB1 - Talisman of Rillifane
MISCB2 - Golden Goblet of Life
MISCB3 - Moonblade
MISCB4 - Tree of Life Nuts
MISCB5 - Tears of Bhaal
MISCB6 - Tears of Bhaal
MISCB7 - Tears of Bhaal
MISCB8 - Tears of Bhaal
MISCB9 - Tears of Bhaal
MISCBA - Tears of Bhaal
MISCBC - Blackrazor, Long Sword +3
MISCBD - Dog Bones
MISCBE - Gilded Rope
MISCBF - Jae'llat Wardstone
MISCBG - Lich's Tooth
MISCBH - Deirex's Gem
MISCBI - Magical Rope
MISCBJ - Qilue's Brain
MISCBK - Illithid Serum
MISCBL - Aerie's Body
MISCBM - Anomen's Body
MISCBN - Jaheira's Body
MISCBO - Viconia's Body
MISCBP - Bodhi's Black Heart
MISCBQ - Tree of Life Nuts (edible)
MISCBR - Stone Harp
MISCBS - Stone Horn
MISCBT - Elven Priest Stone
MISCBU - Yoshimo's Heart
MISCBV - Elder Brain Blood
MISCBW - Sahuagin Scribe's Notes
MISCBX - Note (to Ployer)
MISCBY - Tainted Dragon Eggs
MISCBZ - Tizzak's Journal
MISCCA - Demin's Note
MISCCB - Bronze Pantalettes (Throne of Bhaal)
MISCCC - Drow Note of Gate Sundering
NPMISC1 - Jansen Spectroscopes
NPMISC2 - Jansen Techno-Gloves



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