Jewelry Console Commands - Baldur's Gate 1

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My list of Console Commands (Commonly used items)



AMUL01 - Necklace of Missiles
AMUL02 - Necklace
AMUL04 - Studded Necklace with Zios Gems
AMUL05 - Bluestone Necklace
AMUL06 - Agni Mani Necklace
AMUL07 - Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
AMUL08 - Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
AMUL09 - Silver Necklace
AMUL10 - Gold Necklace
AMUL11 - Pearl Necklace
AMUL12 - Laeral's Tear Necklace
AMUL13 - Bloodstone Amulet
AMUL14 - Amulet of Protection +1
AMUL15 - Shield Amulet
AMUL16 - Amulet of Metaspell Influence
AMUL17 - Greenstone Amulet
AMUL18 - Wolfsbane Charm +2 vs Lycanthropes
AMUL19 - Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance
AMUL20 - Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance
AMUL21 - Amulet of Power
AMUL22 - Periapt of Proof Against Poison
AMUL23 - Periapt of Life Protection
AMUL24 - Necklace of Form Stability
AMUL25 - Amulet of Spell Warding
BDBELT01 - SoD Cloverleaf
BDAMUL02 - SoD Archer's Eyes
BDAMUL25 - SoD Amulet of Protection +2



BELT12 - Holy Symbol of Lathander (Throne of Bhaal)
BELT13 - Holy Symbol of Helm (Throne of Bhaal)
BELT14 - Holy Symbol of Talos (Throne of Bhaal)
RING01 - Plain Ring
RING02 - Ring of Fire Resistance
RING03 - Ring of Animal Friendship
RING04 - Ring of Clumsiness
RING05 - Ring of Invisibility
RING06 - Ring of Protection +1
RING07 - Ring of Protection +2
RING08 - Ring of Wizardry
RING09 - Ring of Free Action
RING10 - Gold Ring
RING11 - Silver Ring
RING12 - Onyx Ring
RING13 - Jade Ring
RING14 - Greenstone Ring
RING15 - Bloodstone Ring
RING16 - Angel Skin Ring
RING17 - Flamedance Ring
RING18 - Fire Opal Ring
RING19 - Ruby Ring
RING20 - Ring of Energy
RING21 - Ring of Infravision
RING22 - Ring of Holiness
RING23 - Ring of Folly
RING25 - Koveras' Ring of Protection (+1)
RING26 - Ring of Djinni Summoning
RING27 - Ring of Fire Control
RING28 - Ring of Air Control
RING29 - Ring of Earth Control
RING30 - Ring of Human Influence
RING31 - Ring of Regeneration
RING32 - Ring
RING33 - Ring of the Ram
RING34 - Ring of Spell Turning
RING35 - Ring of Lock Picks
RING36 - Ring of Danger Sense
RING37 - Storm Ring
RING38 - Dawn Ring
RING39 - Ring of Gaxx
RING40 - Ring of Acuity
BDRING10 - SoD Ring of Purity
BGRING03 - SoD Ring of the Crusade



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