The Battle for Elysium - Act 4 Story Quest

Judges of the Dead in Tower of Judgment

The Battle for Elysium is the fifth main story quest of Act 4 in Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. You will begin this quest immediately after speaking with the judges in the Tower of Judgement and going through the Portal that takes you to Elysium. As with most story quests in this game, you'll complete the previous quest, Judgment of the Living at the same time you start this one.

In order to complete this story quest you will need to speak with Agamemnon to open up the gates and then travel through the lush green fields of Elysium until you find yourself back in the darker landscapes in the Fields of the Diadochi. While you are in the Fields of the Diadochi it's recommended you grab the Flame Stone from Metriche for the Hades' Treasury Side Quest but otherwise there will be no quests to do in this area until you reach Argolis.

Side Quests In Area:

The Siege Striders (Aetolian Polis)
Flight of the Messenger (Aetolian Polis)
The Achaean Pass (Delian Meadows)
Hades' Treasury (Fields of the Diadochi)
A Noisy Diversion (Argolis)

Once you make it to Argolis you'll be able to do the A Noisy Diversion Side Quest which is pretty close to our next quest hub area in southeastern Argolis. In the southeastern portion of Argolis you will find a group of ghosts which are planning their raid on Hades Palace (pictured below). You will be able to pick up two Side Quests here as well as update our primary quest.

Odysseus in Argolis

Speaking with Odysseus in Argolis is required for the main quest as it will trigger the event where he blows open the door that leads into Hades Palace. If you're being speed run through the game you will not be able to port to Hades Palace and backtrack to Argolis because the hole in the wall won't be blown open. This means you won't be able to pick up the Hades' Generals and Shards of Erebus Side Quests unless you run all the way from Elysium.

Just inside of Hades Palace you'll have a boss fight with Undead Typhon. He has an entirely different set of attacks than the previous Typhon we faught and (thankfully) is significantly easier than the other Typhon.

Undead Typhon Boss Fight

As aforementioned your fight against Undead Typhon will be significantly easier than against the real one. For the most part Typhon has two main attacks that he likes to spam, Ground Slam and his Bone-Knives fan. Both of which can be easily dodged so long as you don't get trapped in a Bone Cage in which case you'll be unable to move.

Below are a list of all the abilities you should expect Undead Typhon to use on you and a little bit of information about each one.

Ground Slam: Typhon will slam the ground and send a straight line of spikes which come out of the ground from his position. Deals high Physical/Pierce damage to anyone hit by it.

Bad Breath: Typhon, without any lungs, does a Vitality damage breath attack.

Fan of Bone-Knives: Short range attack where Typhon will throw out about a half dozen 'Bone-darts' that deal Physical/Pierce damage to anyone hit by them.

Bone Cage: Occasionally he'll throw a mine on the ground that will trap you in a cage of bone which prevents you from moving until you destroy it. Hold Shift and your Left-Click button to easily destroy the bone cage you're in.

Once you have defeated Typhon you will be able to speak with Persephone who is in the adjacent room as well as pick up the Hades Palace Portal near her. Speaking with Persephone will complete this quest and begin the final quest of Act 4, The Immortal Throne.