Hades Generals - Act 4 Side Quest

Hades Generals Quest Giver

Start Location: Argolis
Quest Location: Hades Palace
Objective: Defeat Hades 3 Generals
Reward: +5% Damage as well as some EXP

Hades Generals is a Side Quest that begins by speaking with Elpenor at the base camp in Argolis (pictured above). This quest is one of the few quests in the game that will give players a permanent reward for completing it; you will receive a flat +5% Damage boost each time you complete this quest. Completing it on every difficulty will give you a total of +15% damage. Do not skip this quest.

Note: If you are being rushed through Act 4, you can't reach Elpenor in Argolis or any of the other NPCs in Argolis by taking the Hades Palace Portal. The wall of Hades Palace will not be blown up and you won't be able to get outside. The only way to reach Argolis is by running from Elysium all the way here.

For this quest you will need to defeat 3 named Machae enemies throughout Hades' Palace. One of these generals is found near down a set of stairs in The Winding Descent and the last two are found in areas around The Prison of Souls. Detailed locations as well as map screenshots of where to find each enemy are shown below if you need help locating them.

Dysnomion Location: Go down the northeastern stair well (pictured below) in The Winding Descent. You'll find Dysnomion through a portal in this area.

Trophonios Location: From the Rebirth Fountain in the Prison of Souls go northeast up the stairs. There will be a door you must open then a portal that takes you to a small island with Trophonios on it.

Makaria Location: Northwest of the Rebirth Fountain in the Prison of Souls you'll find this general in one of the last areas with jail cells prior to Polis Daemonai.

Dysnomion Map Locations

Hades Generals Map Locations
Makaria and Trophonios Map Locations