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Making Money with Farming/Crops - Kenshi Guides

Making Money With Farming

Aside from making money through Crafting another available route to you is to make money with your Farming and Cooking skills. Yes, I know, technically making alcohol or Hashish is a form of crafting but I felt like crops and metal should get different index pages because they're both vastly different. I mean like, one's a plant and one's a metal, you know?

Jokes aside, making money with farming is a lot different because it's going to rely heavily on what part of the world you are in. All of the items on this page have price mark-ups that vary greatly from region to region especially Hashish which is illegal in most places but has an insane price mark-up in other places. What I find to be a good rule of thumb is whatever crops are native to the region you're in will have a price mark down. If you're in an Arid environment then it's very likely Cactus Rum will sell for -25% less since it's produced in Arid regions and Sake will sell for +25% more since it's made in Swampy regions.

Hashish is the odd ball out since it's illegal in most of the world but has a +500% price mark-up in specific Tech Hunter cities like Flats Lagoon and Mourn. From my experience I would recommend you only make alcohol or Hash if you're able to sell it in a part of the world that has a price mark-up for that item. Below I will add more details about each of the four routes available to us and the positives and negatives of each.


Cactus Rum: Cacti can only be grown in Arid climates which usually means this is the first alcohol you are able to produce since most noob zones are in Arid environments. For those of you starting out in The Border Zone I recommened you produce a lot of Cactus Rum then sell it in the Swamp for a +25% mark up. Then buy Sake and Hashish in the Swamp to sell in Flats Lagoon and Mourn; the Sake will have a +25% mark up and the Hashish will have a +500% mark up. This route is one of the most effective early game routes available.

Grog: Unlike every other item on this page Grog doesn't have any massive differences in the price mark up or mark down from region to region. There will be a slight variation like there is with most items in this game but there is no default region where Grog sells better or worse. I recommend making money with Grog to people who are in Empire territory in the northeastern portion of the world. Almost every environment in this area is Arid and making Cactus Rum won't net you good money since Cacti are native to this area.

Hashish: Hashish is one of the most commonly traded items for profit in Kenshi; I have a whole guide on my website about how to make money through trading which features Hash. Despite it being one of the best money makers when it comes to trading many people debate whether or not crafting Hashish is actually worth it since you can only sell it for a massive price mark up in a few areas. I personally think it is worth it under some niche circumstances which I talk about on the Hashish crafting guide.

Sake: Sake is made with Riceweed which can only be grown in Swampy environments (at least until you unlock Hydroponics). There are very few zones in the game which have the Swamp Environment tied to them which is both good and bad for Sake production. It's bad because if you want to make Sake you're very limited in where you can do it until you research Hydroponics. The reason it's good is because Sake typically sells for +25% more in Arid environments which this game has tons of.



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