Making Money with Sake - Kenshi

Sake is a good form of money for anyone who is building a base in a Swamp Environment. In order to make Sake you'll first need to research a couple of things at a Research Bench. Tech Level 2, Sake Distillation, Riceweed Farming, Wells and Rain Collectors are the main things that are required but you'll probably want to research some other things as well so that you can be self sufficient. If you'd like to learn more about researching in Kenshi check out my Kenshi Research Guide.

Once you have researched all that you need it's time to make your Riceweed Farms and create a nearby building with a Sake Still inside. You'll probably also want to outfit the building with at least 10 Sake Storage Barrels and 10 Riceweed Storage Containers so that your characters can work automated for an extended period of time without issue. Be sure not to design too cramped of an environment otherwise your characters will get stuck and have issues.

Also make sure that your Sake Barrels are facing the right way - if you look at them closely there is a little nose on the front of them. If you face them the wrong way your characters will have issues occasionally with it.

When it comes to selling the Sake you've produced it's typically best to look for shops that are paying a premium for it. I give this same advice on every page where we talk about money making strategies; in the game of Kenshi all items have a price mark-up % which is set when you make a new game or when you use Import Game on your current save file. This price mark-up determines how much shops in this area are willing to pay for a certain product.

Usually, certain items sell for more in areas where they can not be produced. If we use this logic, Sake typically sells for more in desert areas which can't grow Riceweed like Clownsteady, Drifter's Last, Heft, Heng, Sho-Battai, Stoat and more. Keep in mind that you can typically sell it for a marked up price not only at towns in desert areas but also nearby Waystations.

Tip (Use at your own risk): You can change the price mark-up of an item in your game by selecting "Import Game" at the start screen for Kenshi and selecting your save file. This essentially reloads the entire world including vendors and dungeons/areas that you have completed. Since Kenshi is a game with a lot of bugs there are times where shopkeepers or someone important will get killed or just be missing and you'll have to reload the game to fix it, that's what this feature is designed for. Though, you can use it to your advantage to restock vendors/dungeons as well.