Making Money with Grog - Kenshi

Grog Production for Making Money

Grog is the highest selling alcohol in all of Kenshi but also one of the only alcohols without a massive price mark-up in any location. In order to make Grog you will first need to reach Tech Level 2 and research Grog Distillation at a Research Bench. You will also need to learn Wheatstraw Farming since making Grog uses 20 Wheatstraw per Grog - we're going to need a lot of Wheatstraw if we want to produce it in mass.

Since it takes 20 Wheatstraw to make each Grog some people choose to make Foodcubes with their Wheatstraw instead since it provides better returns. Foodcubes come with the added benefit too of you being able to eat them instead of selling them. In my opinion there are 2 major factors you should take into consideration to know if Grog production is worth it for you.

#1 if you are in a part of the world where there is no price mark-up for alcohol you can make. An example of where this is the case is Empire territories in the northeast; the environments here are all Arid or Green which means that Sake typically will have the +25% Price mark-up and Cactus Rum will have a -25% Price mark-up. Sake requires Riceweed which grows in a Swamp environment which won't be available to us if we make a base up here. #2 If you can find a town that purchases Grog for 105% or more Price mark-up then it's typically better than Foodcubes.

Grog 109 Price Mark UpGrog 101 Price Mark-up

When it comes to selling the Grog you make I recommend running around to all nearby towns and checking for the one with the highest Price mark-up. Typically I look for a town which is above 105% but honestly anything above 100% will work just fine too. For those of you who don't mind cheesing the game a little bit you can use the "Import Game" trick to change the Price mark-up in different towns until it's what you want.

Import Game essentially restarts your world as if you were creating a new game - with some exceptions. At the main menu when you select Import Game and choose one of your save files you will be presented with a list of options of what you want to import and what you don't. We don't need to mess with any of the available options but I recommend you read them over so you know what each one does. This is a very handy feature that you'll probably use often when playing the game... unless you're the type to consider it cheating and refuse.



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