Farming For Your Legendary Weapon (A Guide to getting there without getting bored)

Since the hardest part of acquiring your Legendary Weapon is to keep yourself motivated and on task I have come up with a guide that will give you a long list of different farming locations. What you are going to want to do is stay as long as possible in each of these locations, farm up all you can and make as much money as possible. Really your main goal is to do as much as possible without getting too bored to do anymore. I personally don't have issues with getting bored when it comes to farming but I know a lot of people do.

So my hope with this guide is to help those people out there who do have these issues and get bored easily or feel lazy constantly. If you do me the courtesy of trying out my routes and this guide I promise you you'll be much closer to your Legendary by the time you reach the bottom of this page.

1. Farming/Gathering. Frostgorge Sound Gathering Route

This route will take about 30 - 45 minutes to do depending if you stop for Events along the way. You will want to start at Earthshake and gather everything there is around here. My guide in the link above shows you the complete northern route and most of the southern route. Depending on the mood I am in that day after doing the area around Yak's Bend I sometimes head west across southern Frostgorge Sound. You'll find a few events you can participate in and a bunch of gatherables.

Time Spent: 40 minutes

Karma Gained: 2.5k

2. Gathering. Malchor's Leap Gathering Route (Eastern Part of Zone)

This is the quickest higher level gathering route there ever was. You will be able to rip through this area in about 10 minutes and get quite a bit of goodies while doing it. You will usually get double or even triple the logs I have in the picture below but when I did it there was the 'poison vines' that cripple you so I could barely grab any of the trees. I would have redone my picture/estimate but having that event there just makes it more legit because every time you farm there is always a possibility something can go wrong.

Time Spent: 10 minutes

The reason I broke up 2 and 3 is because you can do one of them without the other. It isn't neccessary for you to do both. Eastern has more Elder Wood and takes less time, Central has more of everything and takes about twice as much time to complete.

3. Gathering. Malchor's Leap Gathering Route (Central Part of Zone) - this route

4. Farming. Citadel of Flame Path 1 - this route

5. Gathering. Blazeridge Steppes

This is one of my favorite lower level routes to follow through. Blazeridge Steppes gives you a ton of Gold, Iron and Seasoned Wood Logs, all of which sell for more than almost any other gatherable. Also if you take into consideration how easy the mobs here are to kill if they get in your way it just makes this location better and better. It will take about 30 minutes to finish gathering here and you will net 1 - 2g for doing so. If you get lucky with Dill Sprigs and Chili Peppers you'll make almost 2g, if you don't your total will be around 1g.

Don't forget to do all of the events you pass here. A ton of them are extremely easy to do and you can't argue with free Karma!

6. Farming. Cursed Shore Events

Many people will tell you Cursed Shore Events are all broken and none of them are worth it to farm anymore. This is the biggest load of bull there ever was. People just get pissy when things get nerfed and cry and whine and say it's complete crap now when it is pretty much the same exact way it was before. The key difference is now you're required to do it my way instead of the usual way. If you're wondering what my way is check out the link above.

It's a playlist of two videos, the first shows the two core events, the second shows you what to do while these events are down. You can't just stand here and wait for these events anymore. What you need to do is actually go out and do the other nearby events and gather while you're waiting on these to respawn. Doing that will make you enough money in the off periods

7. Gathering. Timberline Falls 'Quickie' Location - this route

8. Farming. Timberline Falls Jotun - this location (Quick stop here, maybe 25 - 30 min. Just kill a ton of Jotuns, stock up on Engraved Totems and Heavy Bones for money. This location isn't the 'best' money you can make but will add some variety if you're getting bored.

9. Gathering. Timberline Falls another 'Quickie' Location - Do this location before porting out of the zone for about 15s in extra gatherables.

10. Gathering. Straits of Devastation

This location will take about 5 minutes, you can leave a character logged off here if you'd like and will make about 25s per run.

11. Farming. World Bosses - this location is paired with 12 because you can get a lot done while doing the World Bosses here, aside from just actually doing the World Bosses. What you will want to do is use the website I linked to you below and choose whichever boss has the least amount of time until they spawn. Then you'll port to the nearby Waypoint, farm a little bit in the local area as you wait for him to pop and then kill him!

To make things easier for you to read and figure out I will create a unique paragraph for each of these World Bosses, letting you know what to farm while you're waiting for them to spawn.

World Boss Timers

12. Gathering. World Bosses - This is paired with 11 and will tell you where to farm for each of the different bosses.

The Shatterer


Claw of Jormag

The Frozen Maw

Shadow Behemoth

Fire Elemental

Great Jungle Worm

Ulgoth the Modniir


Golem Mark II

13. Gathering. Dredgehaunt Cliffs - this route is great money and really easy to do.



End Result: After running all of these routes a few times and getting back some reports for people who have done it, it takes about 3hrs to do and you'll make about 20g doing it. As I add more locations I will tweak this total around as well as the time it takes to complete all of the farming.