Malchor's Leap Zone Wide Farming Route

It took me forever to figure out exactly what part of Malchor's Leap is worth farming in the central area of the zone. After running around for many days looking for a good route to follow or a place to farm it dawned on me that the entire zone is worth farming! Now hold on, hear me out with this one.

Of course not every area is worth farming, some is underwater and some has really annoying mobs. However enough of the zone is great for farming that you can really just run around killing Risen for hours and gathering and make some good gold. Below you will find a picture of a few different paths I recommend you follow through Malchor's Leap. Since gathering nodes spawn in different locations every time the server is restarted there isn't any really good set in stone routes.

As far as farming mobs here goes kill whatever attacks you when you stop to gather but don't really go out of your way to do any killing. That is unless there is an event in which case you'll want to jump in on. Events are extremely easy ways to make gold because you really just need to mark the mobs enough so you know they'll drop loot for you when they die. Below is a picture of the whole central area of Malchor's Leap that you will want to roam around in search of treasure.

You will need to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see it better.

Malchor's Leap Zone Wide Farming Route

In Malchor's Leap you will be finding a ton of Mithril, Elder Wood Logs, Ghost Pepper, Saffron Thread, Orrian Truffles, Omnomberries and the list goes on. The more rare materials you can find here are Orichalcum Ore and Ancient Wood Logs. These come from Orichalcum Nodes and Orrian Saplings. If you're only interested in making a lot of gold I recommend you skip the Ghost Pepper and Black Crocus(Saffron Thread) nodes as they barely sell for anything on the Auction House. Of course if one is right in your path, grab it. Don't go out of your way to avoid free stuff!

Aside from all of the items you'll be gathering here the second largest money maker will be the Heavy Moldy Bags that are dropped by the Risen in the area. When opening these you have a chance to get an extremely valuable rare crafting material that will sell for a super huge amount. Something like an Armored Scale or Vial of Powerful Blood. I'm not too sure if Magic Find is a factor when opening the Heavy Moldy Bags but I doubt it is.

P.S - You can buy the bags off the Auction House too! They normally go for a couple silver. Buying some and opening them is a form of gambling, I do it frequently and rarely ever lose money when I do.

Farming Malchor's Leap should net you on average of 1 to 2g an hour. Sometimes you can double that if you get really lucky with some Heavy Moldy Bags and items you can salvage for Globs of Ectoplasm.